Looking for Clubs?

Take a peek at Golf Digest’s Hot List for 2008.

I’m looking at an Adams Idea A3 and the Taylormade Burner.  Already have a putter and I’m working with a new loft.  It’s been 11 years since I had my clubs, time for an update methinks.

Day 3

Well I guess not really day 3 but who’s counting? I did the chest and shoulders workout yesterday. Can you belive that it was the first day in 2 weeks I had an hour to spare for it? People who do this 6 days a week truly have nothing to do.

Anyhow back to the workout. Shoulders, biceps, triceps, repeat. 15 times. Based on past experience I knew I needed to take this one a little easier so I dropped the weight down 5 lbs for most of it. Big difference this morning. Only a slight tingle in the shoulders.

I will say this, the program is well paced. They give ample time to do each set and rest for 10-20s. After doing a set of curls ain’t no way I can do triceps right after.

Though I’ve only done 3, this is my least favorite. Maybe because I already have a lot of experience in it. Plyometrics, though by far the most pain inducing, was the best so far.


First off, photos from the bday party are up.

Second, day 2 of P90X.  Did it with the GF.  Wow, I probably lost 2lbs of sweat alone.  It was much much harder than yesterday.  Just beats the living tar out of your system.  I took some pics for week1 and will take a new set each week to see how I do.  Now to get a scale and weigh myself.  Don’t know if I’ll be able to do this again tomorrow, seems to be Arms & Shoulders.  I can barely lift my arms, no idea how this will work tomorrow.

Tony Horton is a madman.

New Fitness Program


Well, sort of new.  I bought the thing last year and never got off my behind to try it out.  So last night, I gave the first DVD a shot – there are 12 total.  The first one, Chest and Back, is a simple enough workout, all push ups and pull downs.  57 minutes long.  First 4 and last 4 are warm ups, there are a few water breaks, breathers within.  It’s about 45seconds of set, 16 of them total.  Might not seem like much but when the guy on the screen says “I’m going to do 30” and by 8 I can barely move… ya.

As much as the workout is physical, it’s very mental.  Just like a normal workout really.  You need to feel it burn for the last 2-3 reps to get any benefit.  Lord, I was feeling the burn.  At the end, I couldn’t reach my shoulder and washing my hair was an excersice in frustration.  This morning, the bottom of my triceps are aching like a somebum.

Now, they want you go back and press play the next day on the next DVD.  Unless this other DVD is pure legs, ain’t no way I am going to be able to do another hour’s worht of work.  I’ll need a day or 2 of rest.

What makes this program different than just going to the gym?  Well for starters, it’s planned out daily and it’s an hour long.  Find me someone who spends 1 hour a day working on a single body target and I’ll show you a surfing body.  Most people who go to the gym, go for 1h to 1.5hrs and do an overall workout.  Let’s see them do 30 minutes of just push-ups and look at their arms in a few weeks.  Also, the X is for extreme (what, do I need a barb wire tatoo now?).  What it really means is that the program is about 2x longer than your standard workout.  I was done after 30m, I really was cooked.  Having to do it all over again really pushes you to the limit, to the point of feeling nauseous.  That’s a feeling I’ve only ever had in hockey up until last night.

Verdict so far is good.   They say you need a chin up bar but I have a gym set with a pull down, that works as well.  I needed about 2 liters of water.  I need a workout mat, I was sliding all over the place.  I already had free weights, so that helped.  The time constraint is the hardest part.  1 hour a day seems small but some days it’s huge.  I’ll also be trying it with the GF, see how that goes.  Let’s see how it turns out by the summer.