Assassin’s Creed 4

Steam winter sale + pirates = here’s my wife’s money.

I played AC 1&2.  Then it got into a money grabfest of terrible proportions. AC3 looked stupid (apparently played that way until you completed the game) and I skipped it.  But my heart has always been with Pirates!  I played the heck out of that game and anything that allows you to loot and plunder while steering a giant ship in the seas has my vote!

AC4 does away with a  bunch of the crappy stalking missions (still a few mind you) and concentrates on open water warfare and parkour assassinations.  Rather than just a few towns, there are dozens of areas to find.  Islands, towns, forts, shipwrecks.  I unlocked one of the 9 areas on the map (by taking down a fort in a 10 minute battle) and it cleared my map to see all the various objects.  I swear there were twenty things that popped on my screen.  I saw a whale and decided to take a stab.  Poor pun.

Well worth my money.  I’m what appears to be less than 50% complete with 20 hours in.  And being a completionist isn’t some boring affair either.  Collecting even the tiny things, like shanties, is a fun romp through town.

Plus there’s the ship battles.  Plenty of videos of that.  There’s something to be said about taking down 5 ships, a fort, 2 captains, a flag, 3 officers and a war officer.  Tons of fun and highly recommended.

Monday Musings

Mondays, happy mondays.

– Finished Assassin’s Creed 2.  Why you ask?  Mental diseases where I have to I suppose.  The game gets better but is still not worth the hassle.  Money is useless after the 2nd bank upgrade.  Weapons are all the same.  Catacombs make you want to throw your controller at the wall with bad response times. Combat consists solely of counter kills.  Oh, and Leonardo’s flying contraption?  Garbage.  What does improve then?  Well the story gets a lot better if not more ridiculous.  How does an assassin trust someone who he’s met for the first time and then murder 100s for him?  Putting that aside, it has a nice sci-fi twist that is going to link DIRECTLY into 2012, which is when Assassin’s Creed 3 will come out, I swear to you.  Movement on houses gets miles better in Venice.  Why?  Well for one, there are a hell of a lot less holes on the rooftops.  Second, climbing towers doesn’t take 45 minutes (Tuscany I am looking at you).  Third, and most importantly, there’s water.  Falling from a roof or tower (it happens a lot) doesn’t hurt you in the water.  Yay.  Rent it if you want but I would not recommend buying it.

– Don’t go shopping

– If you like talking about your neighbor’s yard, you should talk to your neighbor to see how he feels about it.  You’d be surprised I’m sure.

– I think the universal gift is sleep.  Everyone needs more.