This page will cover the various tibdits about my work on a dream cottage.


My wife and I share a love for the outdoors and nature.  We may live in an urban setting, but kicking back in the trees and on the water is what keeps us going.  There are two core themes to the cottage – Nature & Family.

Nature will be addressed with natural material where possible.  The entire will focus on wood finishes, while the exterior will have greenery to complement.  It will look good but be low maintenance.  Windows for natural light will also be a key part.

Family will be addressed by open space and lack of clutter.  An open concept where people can see each other, with enough room to sleep the family & guests.  A fireplace for long nights, and a large kitchen table to sit 8.  Outdoors will have a storage area for equipment, canoes, etc..  A firepit that’s large enough to sit 20 around.  While most of the time it will have 4-6 people, it should be easy to accommodate large groups.


The current lot is a double width, with ~200ft of water front.  There’s a slit slant towards the water, and the half western side is a outcropping of rock.  Building west side means a walkout, with a tall structure.  Building east means a 2 story with less depth.

A holding tank and water well are required to make this a 4 season cottage.


More to come…


It costs a lot!

  • Holding tank = $2000
  • Well = $20,000
  • Cottage build = $200/sqft
    • 40×30 = $240,000
  • Storage area = $5,000
  • Landscaping = $10,000
  • On-going costs (hydro, taxes) = $1500/y

Overall budget = $300,000

Rentals in the area could fetch $200+/day.  Assuming we rent for 60 days, that’s $12,000 per year.