Neverwinter – Max Level

I hit 60 today and in the last zone no less.  I cannot remember the last time I leveled to max and required to do all the content.  I should mention I did a lot of skirmishes in the lower levels and some foundry missions from time to time.

Neverwinter Cleric at 60


The picture is from the web portal to the game.  Once you hit 60, the “end game” opens up and it’s gated with a GearScore (yes, that’s the name).  It’s a score that adds your defense and offense together.  When I hit 60, I didn’t have anywhere near enough GS to enter any top tier dungeon.  So I did what anyone would do, I went shopping!

Every purple item you see on my character was bought from the auction house.  Total cost was a bit under 100K Astral Diamonds.  Prices are all over the place too.  I got a helm for 9K but there were some for 200K up as well, with marginally better stats.  Now my gear score is ~7700 and I can access all but 5 dungeons.  A few more dungeon delves and I hope to gear up further.

Leveling a Cleric is odd.  You are not good at dealing damage and healing can be confusing since it’s mostly over time.  The 40s were tough in that I couldn’t damage or heal really well, so I was just running around avoiding attacks.  At level 50, I got Astral Shield.  This is an AE shield that reduces damage by what seems 50% AND gives you regeneration.  I won’t say it’s impossible to die, since I managed a few times, but it makes a whole lot of content trivial.

I did like the latter zones as more and more enemies have AE attacks and more of them group together.  One “pack” had a giant and 4 elementals.  Each has a massive AE attack, some with knockback.  Bad timing and you could get hit in the air for a few shots, land then get smacked with lava death.  It was like being stun-locked in PvP.  Tons of fun though!

For those that are wondering about the F2P portion, I can say that I leveled to 60 without spending a dime.  I could have mind you, for mounts and respecs and all that stuff.  The world is so instanced though, that a 110% mount makes all of 30 seconds of difference on any given map.  They look pretty, granted.

Will I spend money?  Yes.  A respec is coming and once the new content comes out I’ll drop some for that as well.

Neverwinter – Better Cleric Fight

As I mentioned in the previous video post, I’ve swapped a few skills out. The most noticeable one is Astral Shield – the blue stuff on the ground.  Sweet bells this skill is overpowered.  It has a 90%+ uptime, reduces damage by what seems 50% and provides a massive regeneration rate to health.  I spent nearly the entire fight solo fighting the boss and never had to heal once because of this skill (and a bit of Forgemaster’s Flame).

Neverwinter – Yet Another Video

I think I figured it out.  Companions can’t “dodge” attacks like regular players can.  If there’s a giant red spot on the ground, companions act like cats chasing laser beams.  Smoosh.  This big boy killed me twice before this video.  He came close a few more times as you can see.  Pretty sure I’ll be changing my skill lineup for the next boss.

I’m 52 now (linear levels, about 4 per night), so only a few more levels to go.  2 zones methinks.

Neverwinter – Cleric Fight Video

I did a bit of questing last night and the final solo boss of the zone was this guy.  The video gives you an idea of what mid-level Cleric combat looks like.  It’s much, much more active than any other MMO you’ve likely played.

Group combat is very similar, if not more active due to threat issues.