Axe Throwin’

There’s something to be said about the zen in throwing deadly weapons at walls.

Friends of ours booked a spot nearby to throw some axes (Backyard Axe Throwing League).  Went in with rather open eyes, as a few friends had given it a go and reported some fun to be had.

We headed in, found a rather open room and walls of spruce with painted targets.  Our guide, Rick, took about 30 minutes to teach the 7 of us some basic throwing techniques.  A sports background helps to start, but becomes a hindrance as you move on.  Explain.

The axe has to be thrown in a specific line.  If you throw it like a ball, it will twist in the air and lack bite on the board.  It really has to be on a consistent plane.  Experience in sports teaches you the basic technique and you’ll pay attention at the start.  Aside from spin, the distance is key, so moving forward/back is important.  Once you’re at the correct distance so that the blade hits, and you’re on plane, then things just work out.

As you spend more time throwing, you become more relaxed, and fall into older habits.  I found that as time went on, I applied more spin to my throws, which caused misses.  I had to concentrate on keeping plane and modify my technique.

Did I mention there’s beer?  That didn’t help.  Or maybe it did.

There’s a lot of fun to be had throwing an axe on a wall, sticking a bullseye with a flush blade.  And then doing it multiple times. And cheering on the rest of the team.

Tech-wise, they use a mobile app to track points, assign random bouts, and eventually set a seed for an elimination tourney.  We were there just under 3 hours, and I’m sure I threw the axe about 100 times, all told.  Had a smile the entire time, and the body hurts more from the laughs than the throws.

Well worth it if you have one in your hometown.



Wrist Issues

I’ve been going to physio for a few weeks now, with a pain in the lower left part of the palm of my right hand.  It’s been nagging me for a few months, enough that push ups are too painful.  Anyhoot, a fair chunk of exercises and massages and treatment with basically more pain.

Last night I had a 2nd consult, from someone with a bit more experience with hand injuries.  It is difficult to describe the level of pain felt when he started some movements with my hand.  Sort of like stubbing all your toes at once and the body simply goes numb except for that single part flaring like fire.  He found some other issues at play and now I have a taped up wrist and a new set of exercises to do.  Apparently I have a month of rehab at least, then it may end up with surgery.  I am not looking forward to that possibility.

The worst part is that I play hockey and the injury is on the hand that does most of the work. And some of the exercises I do are limited by the movements of the wrist.  I’m told that as long as I have the tape, I should be able to keep doing what I was doing… but I’m now consciously aware of the issue more so than just living with the pain.  Ah well, cardio doesn’t really require the hands so maybe I’ll swap to that for a while.

I did order some gym equipment… and I think it’s being delivered today.  That should be interesting.


I’ve read a fair chunk of Hugo books lately, though the most challenging was the Rama series.  I really like Clarke’s style of sci-fi, a real knack for the future.  The first book is exactly this, an exploration into a new world, with great pace.  A solid pitch.

The next 3 novels in that series were not really from Clarke but from Gentry Lee.  They go back to the same spaceships and focuses more on the people than the science.  Gentry Lee is not a very good “people” writer.  It is littered with tropes and needless sexual descriptions.  It’s got to be every 40 pages that the characters are getting it on.  The science and underlying ideas are solid enough, minus the last 20 pages or so.

spoiler.  If your main character has spent 60 years cheating and avoiding death, yearning to stay with their family, I am not certain that they would have a sudden change of heart and just accept they are going to die in 10 hours, when a perfectly viable solution is available.  end spoiler

The first book was done in 2 days.  The last 3 took me nearly a week each because it was so hard to get into it.  Then again, I guess it’s like asking someone to take up Michelangelo’s chisel and make another David.

Are E-Sports a Sport?

I guess it depends on your answer to the following questions.

Is Chess a sport?  Go?  Scrabble?  Poker?

None of those require any physical skill but do require a substantial amount of mental and psychological skill to compete at top levels.

If you’re actually comparing time spent in the sport, then it’s a very interesting argument in favor of e-sports.  US football is only about 10% actual sport, the rest is posturing, cheerleaders and commercials.  I mean, you could watch an entire game in 15 minutes.  Baseball isn’t much better.  Soccer (or actual football) is at the top, naturally.  Hockey – my favorite sport – isn’t too far behind.

E-sports are more akin to baseball, in that there isn’t a time for the game, so much an end goal.  It could be edge of your seat for 30 straight minutes, or it could be junk for everything but a few rushes.  The quality of the match depends largely on the ruleset, the game being played and the skill level of the players (both reflexes and the meta).

I’ve watched a couple SC2 matches and while there’s less action than a MOBA or FPS, the strategy application in that game is impressive.  Macro and micro management is a very hard skill set to refine and does pay dividends after the competitive arena is closed.

While there’s certain financial benefits to pro sports as we normally see them, it’s hard to translate a good basketball skill set to another field.  Leading a raid, playing ladder ranks or hitting the stage in a MOBA final seems to me, to have a larger real-world cross skill impact than a physical sport.  Maybe that’s some compensation for the lack of money in field.  For comparison, in my super lack of depth google search, Messi makes more than all e-sport purses in a year combined.

Still, e-sports are a rather young field and with more time and a larger pool of players, I think there’s a pretty interesting future in line.  I’d certainly like to see more of the “thinking person’s” games available.

New Toys

You know me, always with the big boy toys. Mind you, they tend to be practical rather than superfluous! No different here. Hockey toys. All of em from

First up, a hockey net. Not just any net but a foldable net.  2 inch pipes, regulation size, full net mesh and hecka solid.  The beauty of it all is that it folds up to about 4 inches wide.   I can set it up in about 30 seconds, alone and then store against the wall in the garage and it takes up as much space as a shovel.  Best part, about 100$ and the quality of a 400$ net.  Great.  And yes, it does come with the corner pockets.  Great for target practice.  I need more pucks though!

Next up, a shooting pad.  You’ve probably seen these before.  A white plastic pad to take shots on as it mimics ice surface.  Well, I saw one that was 2 feet by 4 and really, all you can do is shoot on it.  I wanted something to practice stickhandling, so I opted for the larger size.  4 feet by 8 feet.  Yes, that big.  I can use a stick (minus tape on the bottom), regular pucks and the thing slides great.  A stick with tape drags a bit much though.  I need to practice with a slightly smaller stick as well, since on skates I’m a good 3 inches higher off the ground.  Still trying to figure that part out.  The good news is it works great.  Bad news is that my arms are not made for stickhandling.  After 15 minutes, my left arm was dead.

Lastly, I picked up some stickhandling toys.  First, Sweedish Wooden Balls.  Stop laughing.  They were like 3$.  They are lighter, so I use them for quick movements and repetitions.  2-3 minutes of it before a game warms up the arms.  Second, I picked up a Green Biscuit.  These things are wicked.  A tad lighter than a regular puck but they work on cement and don’t stick.  They glide like crazy on the shooting mat and exagerate any stickhandling you do, so you have to be more careful with your hands.  Looking forward to trying it out in the spring/summer outside.  For now, the mat will do!

So far, really happy with the purchases.  I’ll try and get 15-30 minutes a day on it and see what happens.  I know it will help my hands out, we’ll just have to see how much.

Insanity – Micro Review

I’m not all that far into Insanity yet but I have a few points to mention for the curious.  You can check a few YouTube videos out too.  Let’s get to it.

The program is essentially a pure plyometrics workout.  This means that you’re essentially always moving, using bodyweight and leg movements to keep the heartrate up.  Think of calisthenics (jumping jacks) but always jumping.  In addition to this crazy movement, it uses maximum interval training techniques.  A traditional exercise has you at maybe 50-60% heart rate for the entire duration or short spikes of activity with long breaks.  You either ride a bike for a long time or you workout muscles in batches of 30s with a minute break.

On long periods of activity, biking or running for example, your heart rate spikes, then drops to a plateau.  Basically, if you can reach the 3 minute mark, you can reach 30 minutes pretty easy.  The largest benefits are in the first 3 minutes though, since your heart rate actually drops after that point and your body plateaus at a given energy burn rate.  To put a number on it, let’s say you burn 600 calories in a 1 hour run, for 10 cals/minute on average.  Actually what happens is that you burn about 100 calories in the first 3 minutes and then the other 500 calories on the last 57.  So 33 cals/min to start then you drop down to 8 cals/min afterwards.

On spike training, like weights, your body spikes into rushes of energy into your muscles burning huge amounts of energy but for very short periods of time.  Doing 12 reps of curls might take 30 seconds but you’re only forcing energy for half that time (the way up), then you’re resting for about a minute, giving your body time to recover.  Sometimes longer.  Not to mention that you’re actively trying to get muscle fatigue that reduces the length of time you can train.  If you weight train for an hour at a regular pace, you’re looking at 300 calories burnt, half of what you’d get in the previous example, and you’re building muscle. The actual building of the muscle comes after the workout while your muscles recover.

Next we have interval training.  This is what athletes use for their programs because of the way it confuses the body.  Remember the first example where the first 3 minutes are the best and then you plateau?  Same principle here except that you do it at 80% heart rate for 3 minutes, then drop to 50% for a short period of time (up to the same cycle length), then repeat.  In that cycle, you burn about 800 calories and keep the muscles and heart rate confused.  Staying too long in a particular range, your body adapts.  Move in and out of that range and your body cannot adapt and will always work at 100% effectiveness.  P90X does this to some extent but it’s hard to with weights.  Still, I can guarantee better weight loss results with P90X that any gym session you’d have.

Finally, we have max interval training.  This takes the previous example and focuses the activity and reduces the recovery.  You go full out 80-90% heart rate for 3-5 minutes, then a 30 second break and restart.  In an hour, you burn 1000 calories, if you can last that long.  What also happens is that even when you stop working your heart continues to pump blood and energy into ever muscle for a long period of time.  The same thing happens in regular interval training but here, the effect is more pronounced.  You can feel it in your body as your heart rate will typically take 30 minutes to an hour to get back to normal resting rate.  This has an effect of increasing your post-workout burn rate by nearly 1000% compared to regular training (running).

Wow, all that before I get to the program bits.  Insanity uses a max interval training method along with plyometrics for some rather crazy results.  One particular program, Pure Cardio, had me go through about 450 calories in 30 minutes.  I had an average heart rate of 80% the entire time (since the rest periods are small).  I could feel my heart rate for a good 45 minutes after the program was complete as well.  Let’s put that into perspective a bit. The average person should eat 2000 calories a day.  I burn off 25% of that in a single exercise for 30 minutes and that’s not counting the post-workout burn. In 2 weeks, I’ve lost 6 lbs. The next time I do this workout I will take my measurements for an hour after the workout and compare them to the weight training results I have.  I’d be curious to see the comparative results.

All of that to say that if you’re looking for a program to burn through tons of calories in a short period of time, I cannot think of a program that would give better results that this.  It will make your weight melt off.


Well how about that?  Canada shows up and plays a real hockey game.  Hats off to Getzlaf and Perry for playing their TRUE style, bump and grind.  It was refreshing to see.  Still a few mistakes here and there and I wasn’t a fan of the 3rd.  When you consider Ovechkin had 21 minutes of ice time, no points and only 3 shots, something is going right.

Looking forward to the next game.

Couple Things

Part the first.  Insanity day 2.  41 minute program of cycle cardio.  Essentially you do specific move sets for about 2.5mins, then 30 second break and repeat 3 more times.  Then again.  The warm-up is a 12 minute non-stop cardio workout followed by a 7 minute stretch.  I got through that part fine.  If people can’t, they really shouldn’t be doing the program I guess.  Of note, 151 BPM average.  35 minutes tallied on my heart rate monitor for 400 calories.

I was able to complete 1 of the 2 circuits following.  My quads are just killing me right now and power squats were simply impossible after about 50.  I have yet to figure out how to properly stretch quads as everyone focuses on hamstrings.  Maybe it’s years of hockey but I’ve never hurt my hamstrings but my quads have always ached.  Anyhow, all that to say that I’m taking a few days off this intense program to rest up the legs.  Not that I have a lot of time mind you, with the floor renos this weekend!

Part 2.  Hockey.  Yes.  Iginla and Crosby are finally teamed up for most of the game and look what happens.  Go Doughty!  Getzlaf gets put on the checking line (hell, 4th line it looked like).  There are quite a few players who just should not be on this team and it’s refreshing to know that Babcock is taking the steps to make that clear to the players.  Show up or ship out. Oh and if anyone is asking if Crosby should have taken that penalty shot instead of Nash, hell yes.  Blocking lanes and taking shots from the point (where was that for 2 games?).  A strong passing game, outside lane zone entry, good cycles. Goalie didn’t play the puck every time it was within 10 feet.  It’s like the team woke up.  Now, there are still issue mind you but it’s reassuring to see that game as the game Canadians should be playing.

New Workout Program

I’ve finished a few runs of P90x now.  Down 35lbs in the fall.  Put on maybe 5lbs of muscle since then (among other things!).  I could have better held onto the program and seen better results but I am damn proud and happy with what I’ve achieved.  I should have tried the P90x-plus program to see where they addressed certain portions I didn’t like.  Yoga is way too long, Kenpo is only effective half the time.  Cardio and Core just don’t cut it.  Plyo is great though.  Overall, if you just do the weight training and do your own cardio to burn 300-500 on off days you’ll get more out of it.

So now I’ve moved onto another BeachBody program, Insanity. This is a pure cardio/gravity training program.  6 days of cardio and promises results in 60 days.  From stuff I’ve been reading, people can get 700-1000 calories in an hour with this thing.  To put that into perspective, the average male eats 2100 calories a day. It’s caloric deficit training, so it will shed the pounds.

I did the fit test last night.  25 minutes, I’m thinking this will be easy.  It’s pretty much pure Plyometrics.  Jumping and pushing and moving.  In 25 minutes I had an average heart rate of 140 and burned about 300 calories.  It is friggin’ hardcore cardio.  I might do the next one tonight or rest, we’ll see.  I’ll give the program a shot until the end of March and report back on what happens.  I am guessing to see about a 3lbs loss per week after the firs week, given the amount of effort per workout.

I Feel For Ya

After watching that hockey game, I really feel bad for some people.  First, Mike Babcock.  He is going to get thrown under a bus with the very interesting decisions he’s made so far in regards to lines.  When my wife is asking “Why is that guy on the ice now?”, you know there’s a million other people thinking the exact same thing.

Players who need to show up:

  • Brodeur – What an odd game for him.  The first 3 goals were just, head shaking.
  • Pronger – Well, he’s actually playing like I expect him to.  If he’s not hitting people, then he shouldn’t be skating.
  • Getzlaf – I had serious questions about him playing with his ankle.  Watching him skate the past 3 games, I feel the same way.  There is no reason for him to be getting the ice time he is getting.  None.
  • Nash – Cut a foot off your stick man!  The amount of shots this guy cannot take because he stick is tangled is retarded.  This isn’t the NHL where you’re skating against children.
  • Thorton – Retire and put people out of their misery.  All you can do is pass, you can’t skate or shoot or hit.
  • Perry – That open net goal for USA is going to break him.

Players who should be getting more ice time

  • Crosby – He’s the only one who looks to be skating most times.
  • Iginla – Only with Crosby.  I didn’t see him at all in the first two periods, then in the 3rd he’s back with Crosby and plays like a madman.
  • Doughty – Only D I see worth a damn past Neidermeyer.

I’ve had some serious questions with the team Yzerman built.  The past three games have not helped.  Most of the players seem to think it’s some sort of NHL game where they can skate 25% of the time.  The US has it on 100% of the time.  Every shift they are aggressive on the puck and their checks.  If they mess up, the skate to catch up with the play.  Effort.

Canada just needs to play some hockey instead of watching other teams play hockey.