Couple Things

Part the first.  Insanity day 2.  41 minute program of cycle cardio.  Essentially you do specific move sets for about 2.5mins, then 30 second break and repeat 3 more times.  Then again.  The warm-up is a 12 minute non-stop cardio workout followed by a 7 minute stretch.  I got through that part fine.  If people can’t, they really shouldn’t be doing the program I guess.  Of note, 151 BPM average.  35 minutes tallied on my heart rate monitor for 400 calories.

I was able to complete 1 of the 2 circuits following.  My quads are just killing me right now and power squats were simply impossible after about 50.  I have yet to figure out how to properly stretch quads as everyone focuses on hamstrings.  Maybe it’s years of hockey but I’ve never hurt my hamstrings but my quads have always ached.  Anyhow, all that to say that I’m taking a few days off this intense program to rest up the legs.  Not that I have a lot of time mind you, with the floor renos this weekend!

Part 2.  Hockey.  Yes.  Iginla and Crosby are finally teamed up for most of the game and look what happens.  Go Doughty!  Getzlaf gets put on the checking line (hell, 4th line it looked like).  There are quite a few players who just should not be on this team and it’s refreshing to know that Babcock is taking the steps to make that clear to the players.  Show up or ship out. Oh and if anyone is asking if Crosby should have taken that penalty shot instead of Nash, hell yes.  Blocking lanes and taking shots from the point (where was that for 2 games?).  A strong passing game, outside lane zone entry, good cycles. Goalie didn’t play the puck every time it was within 10 feet.  It’s like the team woke up.  Now, there are still issue mind you but it’s reassuring to see that game as the game Canadians should be playing.