New Workout Program

I’ve finished a few runs of P90x now.  Down 35lbs in the fall.  Put on maybe 5lbs of muscle since then (among other things!).  I could have better held onto the program and seen better results but I am damn proud and happy with what I’ve achieved.  I should have tried the P90x-plus program to see where they addressed certain portions I didn’t like.  Yoga is way too long, Kenpo is only effective half the time.  Cardio and Core just don’t cut it.  Plyo is great though.  Overall, if you just do the weight training and do your own cardio to burn 300-500 on off days you’ll get more out of it.

So now I’ve moved onto another BeachBody program, Insanity. This is a pure cardio/gravity training program.  6 days of cardio and promises results in 60 days.  From stuff I’ve been reading, people can get 700-1000 calories in an hour with this thing.  To put that into perspective, the average male eats 2100 calories a day. It’s caloric deficit training, so it will shed the pounds.

I did the fit test last night.  25 minutes, I’m thinking this will be easy.  It’s pretty much pure Plyometrics.  Jumping and pushing and moving.  In 25 minutes I had an average heart rate of 140 and burned about 300 calories.  It is friggin’ hardcore cardio.  I might do the next one tonight or rest, we’ll see.  I’ll give the program a shot until the end of March and report back on what happens.  I am guessing to see about a 3lbs loss per week after the firs week, given the amount of effort per workout.