I Feel For Ya

After watching that hockey game, I really feel bad for some people.  First, Mike Babcock.  He is going to get thrown under a bus with the very interesting decisions he’s made so far in regards to lines.  When my wife is asking “Why is that guy on the ice now?”, you know there’s a million other people thinking the exact same thing.

Players who need to show up:

  • Brodeur – What an odd game for him.  The first 3 goals were just, head shaking.
  • Pronger – Well, he’s actually playing like I expect him to.  If he’s not hitting people, then he shouldn’t be skating.
  • Getzlaf – I had serious questions about him playing with his ankle.  Watching him skate the past 3 games, I feel the same way.  There is no reason for him to be getting the ice time he is getting.  None.
  • Nash – Cut a foot off your stick man!  The amount of shots this guy cannot take because he stick is tangled is retarded.  This isn’t the NHL where you’re skating against children.
  • Thorton – Retire and put people out of their misery.  All you can do is pass, you can’t skate or shoot or hit.
  • Perry – That open net goal for USA is going to break him.

Players who should be getting more ice time

  • Crosby – He’s the only one who looks to be skating most times.
  • Iginla – Only with Crosby.  I didn’t see him at all in the first two periods, then in the 3rd he’s back with Crosby and plays like a madman.
  • Doughty – Only D I see worth a damn past Neidermeyer.

I’ve had some serious questions with the team Yzerman built.  The past three games have not helped.  Most of the players seem to think it’s some sort of NHL game where they can skate 25% of the time.  The US has it on 100% of the time.  Every shift they are aggressive on the puck and their checks.  If they mess up, the skate to catch up with the play.  Effort.

Canada just needs to play some hockey instead of watching other teams play hockey.