Day 3

Well I guess not really day 3 but who’s counting? I did the chest and shoulders workout yesterday. Can you belive that it was the first day in 2 weeks I had an hour to spare for it? People who do this 6 days a week truly have nothing to do.

Anyhow back to the workout. Shoulders, biceps, triceps, repeat. 15 times. Based on past experience I knew I needed to take this one a little easier so I dropped the weight down 5 lbs for most of it. Big difference this morning. Only a slight tingle in the shoulders.

I will say this, the program is well paced. They give ample time to do each set and rest for 10-20s. After doing a set of curls ain’t no way I can do triceps right after.

Though I’ve only done 3, this is my least favorite. Maybe because I already have a lot of experience in it. Plyometrics, though by far the most pain inducing, was the best so far.