Torchlight MMO

Well, sort of an MMO.  A shared world action RPG seems a bit more like Destiny, Monster Hunter than the more RPG fare.

I really love action RPGs.  There’s something about that model that hits the right buttons for just 15 minutes more.  It takes the right combination of bits and bobs to keep me on one specific game, versus another mind you.  Diablo 3 usually lasts a week or two per season.  Path of Exile gets a few weeks of play every 4-6 months.  Grim Dawn gets some play every so often as well.

Torchlight 1 was a neat experiment on the model.  It did a lot right, but had some rough edges.  Torchlight 2 was a whole lot better.  If you recall, it launched about 4 months after Diablo 3.  This was the crappy version of Diablo 3, with the real-money auction house.  Torchlight 2 was a welcome reprieve, with a solid foundation and decent end-game play.  The issue there was scaling at the tail end.  Where Blizzard put a steep mountain (originally) then shaved it to a curve (in RoS), Torchlight 2 had what felt like a simple ramp, until you hit a massive wall.  It was also highly dependent on a set of specific builds that did not work during the leveling process.  Still, it was open to mods and was a game of the time.

What I really liked was the setting, music and art style.  The cartoon-look worked for me.  The fact that the screen didn’t fill up with a bajillion enemies worked.  That I could clearly see everything worked.  Pets that auto-sold junk, and returned with potions.  If Steam is accurate, I have over 200 hours in there.  It was a sad day when Runic stopped making games and was bought out.

Did I mention that Torchlight has fishing?  Yeah, that’s a quick way to my pockets.

So let’s just say I am pleasantly excited for what is to come.  The video above is just a teaser and probably reminds people more of Dauntless than other.  Still, I’ve put my name in for the beta when it comes out.

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