Server Woes

Stormrage went down faster than… well it went down.  No surprise.  It goes down every major patch.

The advantages of an older server is that there is a large establishment of, well, everything.  It’s the highest % of Alliance as well.  Finding a guild means just logging in and taking one of the dozen invites you get within 2 minutes.  Auction House prices are usually pretty cheap.  The actual in-game world is part of a shared pool of servers.  I mean, I see Horde players, I just know they are not on Stormrage.

Still, my Stormrage roots are mostly gone.  The majority of folks I played with have long since left the game and a server transfer would not be out of the question.  CRZ would allow me to join another guild on a linked server… but those outside are off limits.

Except…I have 7 max level characters and transfers cost $32 a pop.  I am not spending $210 on that effort.  Sure, the DH would be the least impacted since I could get one to 110 in about 2 days of effort.  That leaves 6 folks to go – the youngest of all being the Monk. I am not all the interested in re-leveling everyone again, certainly not after the 7.3.5 / 8.0 changes that pretty much tripled leveling time.

Which really makes you wonder why Blizz doesn’t offer mass character transfer services.  I’m sure there are other people like me that would be willing to pay for a large swap, at a reasonable rate.  Say $100.

Who knows, maybe I’ll level yet another character on another server and see what happens.  Worst thing would be getting the costs for flight speed unlocked… everything else is account wide, right?

3 thoughts on “Server Woes

    • They already have that with servers that you cannot transfer towards. I know quite a few guilds in the past have transferred their entire roster to a different server, they just footed the bill. So while the point is entirely valid, I would say that Blizz already controls that part.

      The day they allow cross-realm guilds outside of CRZ is the day that I have no need for character transfers at all.

      Compared to pretty much every other MMO that lets you server transfer for free… this seems archaic.

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  1. It’s EZ money on a fully automated process.

    I definitely agree with you. Still keep a fee if they need to but make it reasonable. Heck, I was shocked a faction change cost $32. I almost used my 110 boost instead until I noticed they cost over $70….


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