Colossi 9 & 10

Didn’t have much time this run.  Late day at work, had to run some errands, fit in a workout. I did get the chance to watch a bit of Hans Zimmer Live (Netflix), which was really an experience.  STAY from Interstellar…still get some goosebumpbs from that one.  I still have parts left to watch.  And re-watch.

Colossus 9

In which the game decides to add complexity and beauty.

The road to this guy is a retread but the last little bit is in a sandstorm.  I recall this from the PS2 days and it feels different here.  Mostly to due with how the fog of war effect is much more noticeable here, since in most cases you can see the horizon.  PS2 had a much smaller draw distance.

The turtle-like boss can shoot fireballs at you, and they hit well enough.  You need to draw him over 1 of 2 gas plumes on the ground.  Then shoot 2 of his feet that are pushed in the air, run to his belly, then wait until he turns over and climb on his back.  It’s a neat effect to be on the side of the creature, then on the back.  The rest of it is rather simple.


Colossus 10

Woo does this fight look cool.  The ligh from above comes into the cave, and with all the flying dust, it gives a great visual effect.

My horse got caught on a ledge, so I walked in on my own.  I was trying to figure this out on my feet without any real luck.  Actually, with a fair amount of damage taken from the undersand strikes.  The game has an automated hint system that kicks in every minute or so, and this one mentioned that my feet were not enough.  *click*  Horse time.

Sure enough, leading the horse in front of this sand worm let me shoot his eye (not exaclty easy controls), who then proceeded to crash into a wall for an easy stun.  2 such events was enough to bring him down.

It’s near this point that you really start to notice how dirty/grey the hero has become.  It’s such a gradual effect that you don’t appreciate it at first.  He’s starting to blend in more with the sparse land and has lost the freshness.  I’m sure it’s entirely visual and not mehcanics, but he appears more weary.  Half expecting a limp to show up.

I’ve been including videos in these entries because the game looks and sounds so different from most anything else.  It’s a barebones mechanical system of combat (sword and bow) but because the production values are so high, that gameplay scarcity just amplifies everything else.  I still find myself stopping in the middle of a field, or a climb to just look around.

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