Colosssus 6, 7 & 8

I have a fascination with puzzles.  Making order out of chaos.  Games are order, wrapped in chaos, that you need to filter through.  My goal is often to make games boring, but having a ton of fun getting there.

SotC is that exemplified.  Once you know the trick of taking down a colossus, the execution part is a matter of practice.  With the updated control set in the PS4 version it is much easier to have the character do what I want him to do, when I want him to do it.

Number 6

This is the first colossus where I think you can actually die.

You need to jump over some barriers then hide behind a small wall.  Eventually he’ll drop his head and you jump on his beard.  The art here is neat, since it seems to slow down time a bit during certain parts.  If you can make those first 3 walls, the rest is rather simple.

Number 7

An interesting eel-type monster, he moves extremely slowly but can hit you with some electric shocks.  There’s not much trick here, other than patience.  You need to wait until he swims up to you, avoid the shocks, grab the tail and then make your way to the head.  I can’t recall if it’s possible to make it in 1 go, and as long as you avoid the shocks, it’s pretty straigthforward.


Number 8

This one is a bit of an odd one.  More of a lizard that climbs the inside of a cylinder and will eventually shoot you with some gas bombs.  Avoiding those isn’t too hard.  The challenge here is hitting 2 of his 4 legs when he’s on a wall with your bow, then dropping to the bottom and attacking.

The challenge is only at the start though, since you’re 6 stories up and dropping all the way down in 1 go is a bad idea.  Once you are on the ground floor, getting back to the 1st floor is easy.

Halfway Done

The cutscene after the 8th is a bit longer, and the young lady appears to wake up during the dream sequence.  If I recall, the first 8 were also the “training wheels” portion of the game.  You learn the basic controls, the speed of the colossus, how to aim with a bow, how to use the environment to your advantage.  Rarely do you need to use more than 2 of those per fight.

I know the sand worm is coming up, and that was the most painful fight for me.  Well, #16 is like fighting a battleship with a toothpick… but that’s a different matter.  Looking forward to more!

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