SotC – Big Guys 11 – 15

My level of originality is not, ugh, good.  Yay!

Colossus 11

aka. Dumb Bull.

We reach the point in the game now where each colossus has a special gimmick to get the fight started.  #11 is a rather pain to get to, honestly.  I mean it looks great but he isn’t living on the corner road.

In this battle you need to climb a fire tower, and have him charge it, which will drop a fire stick.  Use that stick to force him over a cliff side and break his armor.  I made the mistake of jumping after him.  Bad call.  He gets up much faster than you and there’s nowhere to hide.  Back up to the fighting area again, repeat the fire tower work.  Cept this time, you can jump on his exposed back.

Colossus 12

One of my favorite fights in the game.  A giant fireshooting turtle with teeth on his head. Serious.

This one is not challenging, you simply climb his back, then hit the teeth to steer him towards a tower.  Jump on the tower, he lifts his paws, then jump on his belly.  The hard part is just getting from the starting point of the fight, to his back in order to start the climb.


Colossus 13

Back to back awesome fights!  Hands down the coolest fight in the entire game.  A giant flying snake that can also hide in the sand.

He has 3 main sections to the body, top and bottom.  When he’s in the air, you need to shoot the air sacks underneath to make him come down.  Then ride your horse next to his fins, jump on them, climb, wait til he turns, then go to town on 3 spots on his back.  If I recall, it was possible to do all 3 at once, but I was only able to manage 1 per try.

The effect of being in the air, so high and fast, is really quite impressive.  It does an amazing job of showcasing the game.  Amazing fight.


Colossus 14

The Domino boss.  It would be hard to keep up with #13, so #14 really does seem disappointing.

Fromt the start, you just climb from tower to tower, waiting for him to charge it twice and knock you to the next one.  The hard part is knowing where the startin point it (exactly where the fight starts).  It’s cool to see the set pieces tumble, but it feels overly long.


Colossus 15

This reminds me of the Ewok Adventure, seeing him climb up to face you.  Truly impressive scale.

I dislike puzzles that have an ultra specific solution, rather than a pattern.  This boss suffers from that sadly.  Clearly you need to move up along the walls, but how?  First floor isn’t too bad, he stomps and causes a platform to tilt. The next level though..that took me over 15 minutes.

He will swing his sword at you (slowly) but you need to be at a very specific spot to trigger the next part.  There are 8 alcoves that are possible and the effect only triggers in a specific portion of one of them.  That part done, move up to the top bridge and have him smash it down.  That exposes his head for ~90% of his HP.  Then the 2nd trick.

Drop to his shoulder, stab to make him drop the sword.  Then jump all the way to the ground, wait for him to smash you and jump into his palm.  That’s the last spot.

When you know exactly what to do, it does look really cool.  When you don’t, it’s incredibly frustrating as it is not at all obvious as to what you’re doing wrong.

Last Fight

This is a bugger of a battle. Next post will cover the fight against a colossus the size of a small town.

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