Two Sides to Suramar

Monk finally hit 8000 rep with the Nightfallen, which opened up the 2nd last bit of Suramar and the 2 final mythic dungeons.  A month after launch and just over 2 weeks after I hit 100.  I’m sure this could have been done faster if I had paid attention, or in effect, cared to reach this point.  The truth of the matter is that these 2 dungeons don’t really mean anything to me right now.

The quests though, that’s the shindigger.  Getting to this point unlocks a half dozen or so quests. Let’s cover that, without too many spoilers.

First, it throws you back into the city proper, the lower west side in the Waning Crescent.  Super enough, the majority of the city quests take place here anyhow, so I’m familiar with the area.  It splits into 2 parts, nothing too fancy.  Except one guy you need to bribe with 1200 Ancient Mana to start the next quest – and he gives you no help or reward for it.  It feels like I’m feeding a junkie.

While the quests aren’t fancy, they do send you to the east side of Suramar.  There’s a reason people don’t go to the east side.  First is that every 2nd enemy can see through your disguise, and the ground design is full of small walls that make it feel like a maze to get out of.  Second, every enemy seems to be an elite.  Compared to the west side, where my Brewmaster can tank 8-10 enemies, I can barely take 2 on the east side.

I died more often on this tiny questline (4 times for one particular quest, as the target was below me) than I did my entire leveling experience.  And it was frustrating because it felt like the cards were just simply against me.  That NPC that was pathing would suddenly stop.  That tiny wall that I could walk over elsewhere, suddenly I couldn’t even jump over.  AE everywhere.  Large chains of enemies.  Dead end hallways.  And all of this to a) find an NPC, b) talk to 3 more, c) click on one on a boat, and d) kill one that is completely isolated from the rest of the map.  The quest activity was easy.  Getting to the quest marker was the challenge.

Note to self – avoid the east side.

Artifact Progress

I hit rank 5, which gives 200% yesterday.  That unlocked a new quest line from Xe’ra.  One that showed how Illidan changed from night elf to illidari (which actually makes less sense after seeing it).  The other was essentially you playing as Illidan on the final Black Temple raid battle.

Now that was cool.  Even though I knew the end result, the joy of taking out an entire raid, healer by healer, was pretty neat.  Seeing that 1 guy go AFK for the battle had me chuckle as well.  So far, that portion of Legion is working out well enough.  Sure, running around the world to view a cut-scene is dumb, but the lore from those scenes is actually pretty good.  And it smartly references Illidan without the whole “the Lich King will have coffee with you now” from previous expansions.

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