Weekend Recovery

It was the last “shazbang” at the cottage this weekend, we’ll be closing it up for the winter in a few weeks.  Guess it’s just bad luck now, but the last half dozen trips up have all been met with rain and cold.  Offset of the great summer I suppose.

What was going to be a rather simple weekend, turned into a nice adult party without kids.  The earliest riser on Sunday was clocked in near 11am.  When is the last time an adult, who has kids, ever got up at that time?  I’m still feeling the after effects.

At least I got a few hours on the water fishing on Saturday morning.  The fall colors are starting, and with a low cloud cover on the hills… it’s quite spectacular to see.  I live in an amazing part of the world.  More than thankful for it.


I spoke about this WQ weekly boss before.  I had done it with my DH, who is fairly self-sufficient in the healing department.  My Monk is not so lucky.  4 deaths, mostly due to some sort of lag.  Mind you, there were 11 healers, so there’s some blame to go around.  Bad luck on drops, 3 boss kills, 0 loot.

Vault of the Wardens

Here’s a link to the strategy guide.  It’ll pop open in a new window.  If you haven’t done this dungeon, take a look-see.

This is the same place that the DH starting zone takes part of.  I like the aesthetics.  There’s very little trash in this place too, but that’s made up for by having 7 bosses.  Well, 4 real ones I guess, and 3 mini-bosses.  But they are still a pain.

The run was helped by a rogue who was massively overgeared for the dungeon.  I was tanking and he was leading.  The first few buggers went down pretty easily.  Then the fire/ice giant who had a neat mechanic to increase damage.  Glazer is your regular eyeball, though you use mirrors to have him eye beam himself.  Overall, it works.

Then you get to Cordanna.  There’s a pitch black area ahead of here, which teaches you some mechanics for the upcoming fight.  As the tank, I pick up a light object and use it to clear the way.  Ok, makes sense.  Then you reach the baddie herself.  Holy mechanics batman.

The first attempt she bugged out on us and we couldn’t get her out of the shadows.  The second one…that was a fight and a half for normal mode.  Big damage spikes, knockback, adds you can’t see, a need to keep her from moving.  All in one boss.  The healer did a great job, even though we lost 2 DPS in that fight.  I’ve done all but the 2 Nigthfallen dungeons now, and Cordanna takes the cake in terms of difficulty.  And for ilvl 805 loot no less.  That’s after I killed 5 bears and took 7 eggs for a pair of ilvl 830 pants.  An odd level of balance, that.

Obliterum Forge

I decided to take the plunge and make the forge.  Bars sell for 2.5k.  The mats to complete this quest set me back just around 10k.  You can only obliterate crafted materials, which not only includes gear but also potions.  I am going to have to math that out a bit more.  For the time being, my gut is telling me that this is a break even proposition.  We’ll see.

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