Not Like the Other

My Demon Hunter hit 110 and was just a couple quests away from friendly with Stormheim when it happened, around the Tree Face area.  So there’s a lot left to do there.  Everywhere actually… given that I skipped a fair chunk of side quests.  Which also means quite a few flight paths are not yet unlocked.  More of an issue for world quests mind you.

Speaking of which, it’s an interesting change to have WQs handing out gear like candy again.  The first two I did were for weapon relics, then I started the rather quick climb in ilvl gear.

The item rewards are based on your total ilvl, so upgrades to lesser items seems to have the largest impact.  As it seems with all alts, jewelry and trinkets are the ones that are most behind.  Thankfully, with an entire world of WQs available, it was only a half dozen or so quests to bring nearly everything to ~810.

Big Baddie

This week’s world boss is Levantus, who is a kraken-like demon living in the waters of Aszuna.  I joined a group of 40 or so, which in hindsight was not such a smart move.  My laptop can play most any game at high (if not ultra high) and WoW’s Legion update sometimes makes use of that power.  40 character battles with sprites and ground effects… that was not pleasant.  Moving in 3D due to the depth of water, not pleasant.  Having to run circles around the boss to avoid a massive cone attack in the middle of all that, not fun. And then I went LD with 4% to go.  Quite a bit different than last week’s boss.

Class Hall Quest

My Monk’s quests was rather straightforward.  Sure, there were the odd missions for the champions.  I only ever needed to run a single dungeon.  I did need to give 20 leather to an NPC, which honestly made no sense.  It wasn’t costly mind you.  The rest sort of just happened with many instanced quests back in Pandaria.  It was neat.

The DH though.  Now that’s a different fiddle.  Some of the quests are instanced (like one that looks like the Black Temple) but a few are in the open world.  Having to fly around the Broken Isles to kill a few rares, who pose no threat, isn’t that much fun.  Plus, it didn’t make any real sense.  I have an upcoming dungeon run, which is ok.  But it’s followed by a quest to collect 15 boss kills from dungeons and one obliterum.

That is the item that people can make using the Obliterum forge.  If you’re not a crafter, then you need to buy 4 bracers to open access to this thing, and each bracer is 2k.  To make a piece of it, you need to feed it green/blue gear, enough to make 100 dust.  You get about 24 per piece of gear, so just shy of 4 pieces per bar.  They sell for ~3k each on my server.

I’m not strapped for gold in any sense of the word.  I’m not sure if this is case for everyone though.  And it’s certainly a significant step away from the Monk Class Hall quests.  And that doesn’t cover the 5×12 hour missions that close off the chapter.

Fingers crossed.

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