#WoW – More Time in Queue than in Game

I’ve changed my laptop’s power settings so that it no longer shuts down on it’s own.  Whether it’s 6pm or 11pm, there’s at least a 1 hour queue on Stormrage.  The highest I’ve seen was 2 hours with 4500 people waiting.  So my tactic now is to start it up expecting a queue, leave the laptop alone and come back and check on it every 15 minutes or so.  If I do get through, then the AFK portion takes about 15 minutes anyways.

I’d honestly take a server transfer.  I have 11 characters, 6 at 100 or more, so I would certainly prefer to bring them all over.  But Blizz has been adamant that free transfers don’t work.  Eh.  I’m gone for the weekend, so maybe it will get better on Monday.  Ya right.


I needed 20 leather and my shaman is a skinner, so only natural that I played him for a bit.  I got up to the chain shot quest in Stormheim before hitting 101.  Still way too underpowered, even though I’m sitting on 710 gear.  Which makes me think that scaling isn’t fully tweaked.

Still, 101 gets you some heroes in the Maelstrom and I started some missions.  Neptulon is back from his vacation.  The hall itself is a dank cave, not exactly what I was expecting.  Or maybe I’ve just been booned with the Monk class hall which is pretty darn cool.  I mean, I use a Turtle to upgrade my weapons.  My shaman uses a rock.


I finished the mask quest in Suramar and that took me to friendly.  The first chain is in the cave, second is to kill some withered and third is the mask thing.  So, about 30 minutes or so.  World quests are open but given that it was late, I called it a night.

Companion App

I am finding this thing to be quite useful.  Given the queue issues above and limited time, this allows me to manage the heroes on my tablet.  Otherwise, every mission would be a day+ long affair.  It also shows me the world quests, allowing for some planning before playing.  Now if they can only update the armory to include the adventure guide…

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