#WoW Sub is Up

Actually, Friday was the day my sub was up, as I had gone back early to see the pre-legion events and try out a Demon Hunter.

The good news is that up until last Tuesday, things were good.  From launch until then, the queues were manageable, though server stability was a bit wonky.  From that point forward, every day was a 1-2h queue on Stormrage.  When I got in, things were good but there were a couple odd DCs which put me back into the queue.

I was away for the weekend and was going to make a call today to re-sub or not based on queue times or at the least, options to get off Stormrage.  I checked the forums and since about 10AM, there have been ~5000 people in the queue.  I new Stormrage post goes up every 5 – 10 minutes.

I get it that Stormrage is a busy server.  The busiest, with 3x the average population.  It’s one of the dozen or so servers that are not on the connected realm system.  It also has the most absurd Alliance:Horde ratio.

But that said, I can wait.  There’s no pressure to move forward to some arbitrary goal, in fact waiting makes it better since my Artifact Knowledge research will tick away.

So I’m not going to re-sub until a fix is applied, or the queues get to something reasonable.   The first one is really in Blizzard’s hands, the second is most likely going to be at the end of the month when the first month shine wears off and people decide not to resub.

And it’s not like I don’t a library of stuff to play with.  Batman is calling my name…

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