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I mucked it up in the comments but last night had a 1 hour queue at 7pmEST on Stormrage.  That’s nearly long enough for me to do an entire workout set, so I think I might actually try that out the next free night I have.  Mind you, I have 3 days left of time to play before needing to get another token.  I have quite a bit on my Monk that I should auction off…not like the ~30k it costs is something that bugs me.  I have over 500k, so I’m good for a while.

Monk Campaign

I figured out what I had done wrong here, and I needed to drop my outstanding quest for my 3rd (tanking) artifact before I could move on.  I needed to find a brewer over in Stormheim.  I hear tell that Stormheim has a fair chunk of campaign quests, which works great for me since it’s my favorite zone.

Anyhoot, find some folk, kill some buggers, get a key and rescue some more.  I will say that at 110, the scaling is on the rough side for a fresh geared player.  I’m a spot under ilvl 800 and things are hitting twice as hard as they were at 109.  Clearly that will get better as my gear does, it’s just a tad jarring considering the effort required previously.  The last “boss” in the zone wasn’t doable as a brewmaster and I barely scratched by as a windwalker.

Next steps are 5 class quests at 8 hours each, 20 leather to some bloke (why?) and then a dungeon run.  We’re slightly over the hump of people at 110 now, so melee queues are in the 20 minute range.  Think I’m going to polish up a bit on my mistweaver, then queue that way.  Not like I’m doing heroics anyways.

Brewmaster Artifact

I decided to do this one after all.  The lore was solid, again back into MoP world.  I needed to collect items to make brew, mix it together than run through Jade Serpent Palace.  I’m not sure if the difficulty was due to scaling or poor play but I did die at the eye boss.  The final parts were fine enough, given that you have access to a healer.  My talents are dungeon-based, rather than solo, something I’ll change next run.

All told, I prefer this artifact quest to the other two.  Windwalker is neat, what with LiLi running around the wind palace, but it doesn’t have the full feel that Brewmaster has.  And I can barely remember the Mistweaver one, other than the dumb AI (why would a DPS tank?)

What to Do?

When I was 109, my quest log had 3 items in it.  1 quest from Highmountain, 1 from the Class Hall and another for Alchemy.  When I hit 110 and exclamation marks appeared, all of a sudden I’m at 20 quests.  So from the narrowed experience leveling, to an open experience at 110, it’s hard to figure out what to do.

I guess I’ll work on my Suramar rep, so that World Quests open up, then follow that with some passive tries at getting my Campaign moving.  I could also work on my professions (including Archeology)… but that’s more passive I think.  Then there’s my alts to think about… though my gut tells me to wait until my Artifact Knowledge has moved up some ranks, so that catching up is easier…


One thought on “More #WoW

  1. Things sure did change today, with my first 110.

    First off, I still have to get friendly with 2 more zones before I can do world quests. Questing at Max level I dislike – although I do want to see the story lines. I am hoping I can just run dungeons for rep after going through all the quests once (except the class ones). To upgrade my artifact it is now over 6500(!) power, so yeah, getting past rank 13 you basically have to wait until the research kicks in. Will be a long play.


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