SWTOR – Yavin 4

I finished up the quest content for Rishi and Yavin now, and I hit 60 just at the tail end.  Once you “complete” the main storyline, a few dailies open up that need to be taken down to unlock the final battle.  Spoilers but not spoilers, you get a prelude to fighting Revan and it’s pretty sweet.  Harder than I had expected as well and my gear was pretty friggin’ good.  I can imagine how hard that fight would be if I was 2 levels lower, as many people who didn’t do the prelude portion are surely at.

A few things from the entire leveling process.  First, the story had some highs and lows.  The new NPCs are solid enough, with some ties back to Marr and Saetele.  It was well linked together and Revan as a bad guy, is a solid thought.  The Rishi storyline was a little odd, in that I was fighting these little peons compared to the actual revanites.  It’s kind of like asking Vader to take care of some Jawas… didn’t make much sense.  Yavin was straightfoward, an assault on the Revanite forces.  But the zone itself is the centre piece of all Star Wars fiction in the public eye.  I mean, they count years in BBY (before the battle of Yavin), so you’d think this would be a big deal.  Instead we get 2 jungle sets and 2 temple sets.  Maybe more will come later.

It's the best shot you're going to get of Yavin

It’s the best shot you’re going to get of Yavin

The combat changes are pretty welcome.  Everyone seems to be more mobile, which works well with the added telegraphs.  Timing is a little off mind you but it’s workable.  The power curve seems rather in the player’s favor as I didn’t die once (Makeb was a bad time overall) and even the gold NPCs weren’t any hassle.  Champs could be taken with a little thought.  It’s an odd shift which makes for much faster gameplay.  Very WoW, and that doesn’t fit so well for my tastes.

I will say that I like the discipline system.  It makes it easier for the devs to balance (WoW had nothing on SWTOR hybrids) and makes it easier to swap between specs.  The utilities barely grant any powers so it’s hard to make a bad choice, which is a nice switch from WoW’s super-obvious-which-talents-to-pick style.

The art is good, minus the pirate hats.  I rather enjoyed the new sets and to see the style grow over the years.

Now that I’m 60 I think I’m going to finish off some things I’ve always wanted to do.  Pretty up the stronghold, max out companion favor, get Legacy 40 and unlock Treek, get HK-51 (which should be soloable now).  Maybe run a few operations in Story mode as well.  Going to be fun.

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