#WoW – Molten Core Run

A funny thought occurred to me.  Blizzard’s trolling Wildstar, or at the very least, making fun of everyone who says 40 mans are the best.  I say this after having gone through a Molten Core 10-year anniversary run.

Now, I did MC back when it was cool.  Roster boss was a pain but sheer bad play was another one.  I can clearly remember dying multiple times to the core hounds, or the crazy respawn timers.  All of that glory is back if you want it. It took the group a solid 3 hours, with only 2 people leaving while it was underway.  I got my mount and lucked out on an ilvl 640 helm.

For those saying that LFR beats the roster boss, I disagree.  LFR, if anything, is a perfect example of the roster boss from the 40 days.  In those raids, you had a solid core of 20 carrying 10, with the final 10 more a hindrance than anything else.  LFR is exactly this.  A hunter pulled Shazz by accident.  A knockback into a pair of hounds wiped as well.  Mages who didn’t know they could decurse caused 2 wipes.  Players who honestly said “I don’t have any AE abilities in my bar” were a ton of fun on the hound packs.  It took the tanks a fair bit to understand that they couldn’t all taunt, which made many of the enemies spin around and AE the entire raid.  Every boss was a 1 shot deal but Shazz was the only one who took us to town (see decurse comment).  All told, out of all the 15 or so wipes, I would only consider 1 that wasn’t caused by someone doing something drastically wrong.

To compound this, the ilvl requirement is rather low in my opinion.  The difference between 615 and say, 630 is significant.  When I queued for LFR, it was by chance as I saw the option up.  I checked the eyeball and it indicated a 30 second ETA.  I found this interesting as most queues for DPS are around an hour.  When I actually got into the raid, I got assigned to heals.  And the raid leader since my name was the first alphabetically.  Hah!

I healed to the best of my abilities but clearly my gear was pretty crappy.  Monk healers are pretty crappy in terms of burst healing, though they apparently scale quite well.  After having healed as a shaman, woo, what a difference in a high damage raid.  I kind of like the mechanics of a monk healer but there are certainly some additional tweaks that are needed to balance out the good heals from the bad.  Let’s just say that of all the healers, I think the monk would have the hardest time overhealing anyone.

The fun part of the raid was that there were 2 core groups of raiders in the field, both from different servers than mine.  The banter was great.  It was a drastic change from typical LFR chat.  I really found myself chuckling at some of the stuff being said.  Tanks were smart, heals were smart.  DPS generally avoided the bad stuff.  In a raid where 1 bad move can wipe 39 other people, you can find some tough spots but here for some reason, people were good.

Now, would I want to spend another 3 hours doing MC?  Nope.  I have my mount.  I’m good.

2 thoughts on “#WoW – Molten Core Run

  1. But I think you can imagine, if instead of 39 randoms it was 39 other guild members, how raiding was enjoyable for a lot of people to go back to over and over again.

    You are right that MC wasn’t ‘hard’, and that 20 (I’d argue 10) would carry 20 others, but you still needed 40 to at least do ‘something’ during the raid, while at the same time it was a fun, social way to spend 3hrs or so (clearing runs took less than 2hrs back in the day, while you could spend 4 wiping on one boss a raid hadn’t mastered yet).


    • Ya, which was both a blessing and a curse. There were a few raids where we had to kick people for being incapable in a raid though they were solid folks socially.

      There were good bonds built during raids, due to having to face those same people the next day. Made you honest.


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