#WoW – Bodyguards

A neat little feature in WoD is the ability to “hire” a bodyguard from one of your followers.  Now, there are only 5 per faction and they are set in stone.  You can’t miss them.  Each has their own perk, unlocked through faction with that specific bodyguard.  You gain 10 faction per kill, no exceptions.  It only works in the wild, so no dungeon runs.  And you need 2,000 kills to unlock the perk.  They also scale to your level, and have some decent skills.  Pretty good support actually.

I opted for Leorajh, as he comes with the ability to launch garrison missions in the field.  I already have a mailbox, a quick hearthstone to the garrison and repairs anywhere.  The summon a friend requires another person with you… so pretty useless out in the wild. Important note. While you can get a bodyguard to max faction earlier, you can’t complete the quest that unlocks the skill til 100. And even then it’s by knocking out a boss in a level 100 zone.

The hiccup here is the 2,000 kills.  My monk played the most out of MoP of all my characters.  From 1-100, including the bodyguard work, he’s amassed only 30,000 kills.  My rogue is sitting around 150,000 but he has way more hours in.  Anyways, 2,000 is a LOT.  I thought perhaps through normal play I’d see some decent progress but after a week, running the 1000 apexis dailies in a raid, I wasn’t making a huge dent in that number.  In comes Google.

For a while, 1hp critters gave you faction.  There was a neat spider spot in Talador that was just ripe for this action.  That got squashed a week or so ago.

Instead, through of all things archeology travels, I stumbled upon a neat spot in Gorgrond.

Stoneshard Grubling

Stoneshard Grubling

Now, in this 1 location there are 3 distinct spawning areas of these grubs.  A single run through all three will get you about 70 kills.  They respawn pretty much as fast as I could kill them.  I did the last 1,000 kills in less than 10 minutes.

The first 1,000 kills were done in Talador, at the Burning Front.

Burning Front

Burning Front

This place spawns demons, non-stop.  There are a few NPCs who can tank for you.  The mobs, while weak, still have decent hp so it isn’t a single shot deal.  If you’ve invested in the Artillery for this zone, then that works pretty well.  This one moves along at about 50 kills a minute, more if you’re lucky.

So yeah, neat feature. It’s time-gated, so my optimization subroutines kicked in.  The ability is sweet, the extra damage and healing is welcome and it’s nice to have a sidekick.

6 thoughts on “#WoW – Bodyguards

  1. It’s a fun idea, but I wish they had more options. My Troll characters are always a bit racist, so the idea of running around with a non-Troll seems a bit silly to me. I wish they would’ve had full racial representation, at the very least!


    • Agreed. Garrisons really seem like a simple implementation of a greater concept. As a housing vehicle, nearly every other game does it better. As a pass-time, or busy work, it’s the cleanest non-sandbox I can think of. For followers/companions…SWTOR is really hard to beat.

      I know they had planned for more in Garrisons based on previous reveals. I figure they’ll refine and add more as time goes on.

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  3. The small plant- people due east of alliance garrison nets kills very fast. Especially in the mad kings grave where small flowers spawn if you walk over them. They die from one divine storm at lvl 100 (20-30 or so) and the event respawns very fast.

    I opted for leorajh too… That windspeaker ability…<3


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