#WoW – Where I Learned to Pay Attention

Previous to WoD, if you played a second specialization (outside of mages, hunters, rogues and warlocks), you needed a 2nd set of gear.  Tanks, DPS and Healers needed different stats and you ended up with a full 2nd set of gear in the bag.  Leveling up this was even more ridiculous, as you’d hit cap and not have a single item for the 2nd spec.

WoD turns that around a fair bit.  Regular armor has multiple mail stats that vary depending on the spec in use.  So my monk is either Agility or Intellect based, depending.  This applies to the helm, chest, shoulders, legs, arms, wrist and feet.  I found this out the hard way, let’s say.

In order to run heroics you need to pass silver in the proving grounds.  Very similar to the Guardian challenge in TSW and in my opinion, the 2nd best thing MoP brought into the game (outside Flex raiding).  There are bronze, silver and gold runs for tanks, dps and healers, in increasing difficulty.

I had leveled as physical DPS, so the dps proving grounds were extremely easy.  I was geared, knew that I needed to interrupt and could move around to avoid stuff.  Simple cakes.

I mentioned before I wanted to try healing again, what with the DPS queues being stupid.  So I reset my macros and tried healing again.  Of note, I did heal as a monk on MoP, just not often.  I knew the rotation and the buttons.

I still failed bronze.  Badly.

I didn’t really understand why.  My skills were set up, my UI tweaked a bit.  I was pressing the right buttons.  So I tried again, and failed once more.  I started looking at the amount I was healing and realized it was quite low.  I looked at the gear quickly, sure enough my chest was Intellect as were other pieces. Try again, lose once more.

Frustrated at this point, I went over each piece on my character and noticed a big chunk was wrong.  Necklace, 2x rings, 2x trinkets, cloak and weapon did not have Intellect.  I was running at half power, at least.  So I looked at my handy treasure map, found a few intellect pieces I could collect, bought a weapon on the AH and went to work.

I passed silver without any real issues on the next attempt.  My healing normal healing throughput was what I was getting as a crit before.  Astounding difference in power and it just started going together.

So yeah, the proving grounds did what they were supposed to do.  Make me pay attention.  Lesson learned.

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