#WoW – More Things to do at 100

I think last night was my first full session at 100.  I mentioned previously that I was sort of dropped to my own devices when I completed Nagrand.  So what did I do?  I installed some mods.

Ok, not so fancy sure.  But this was a fresh install of WoW a month back and I didn’t really do anything that merited a mod.  This time, I opted for a few items.  Curse has all the mods listed, or a link at least.

  • A full UI replacement.  There’s not a lot to be said here than I think this should be the new default WoW UI.  It seems every game today allows the end user to manually move the elements around and ElvUI does that and more.
  • I’ve had this mod since Vanilla.  I have a long history with fishing.  WoW’s is the simplest implementation and casting in my garrison is great.  I’d have to triple check but I’m pretty sure I have 4 characters over 500 fishing.  I won’t bore you with the math about how many casts that took.
  • DeadlyBossMod.  Eh, don’t really need this yet.
  • HandyNotes + WoD treasures. This updates your map to show the location of treasures, points of interest and the rare spawns. There’s a fun part about discovery, certainly.  Then there’s the “where the hell is that box” part of it.
  • This gives you a popup anytime a rare is spotted near you.  I used this with my Hunter to find rare pets.  Works great in WoD since there are dozens of rares per zone.

So that stuff took a bit to set up.  But it’s good now.

I then focused on my garrison followers.  WoWhead has a good guide on it.  I had already collected 20 or so, so this was more of a stragglers issue.  In particular Leorjah who is practically hidden and the Archmage Vision (throwback to the TBC version).  In the process, I hit ~30 followers so I had to de-activate quite a few.  Considering I like some of the companions, that’s an odd choice to make.  So my thought process on hiding them is as follows:

  1. Focus on green-ranked followers
  2. Is one of the traits tradeskill based? A tradeskill I won’t use? (skinning).  Hide ‘em.
  3. Do they have traits that increase success, XP gained, reduce mission time or are a bodyguard? Keep ‘em.

I now have a few at level 100.  One in particular rolled great and has half mission time, double garrison rewards.  In a play session, I can get 2-3 missions out of him due to the short times, so I can collect ~200 resources.  Actually, I think I made about 1000 resources in 2 days because of that guy, combined with work orders on the mill.

This process had me running around the zones, finding folk and other rares I had missed.  I found some other treasures, completed some archeology (maxed now) and stored those results in my garrison.  Of really cool note, the back of your keep has a room built just for archeology finds.  That is amazeballs.  They are pre-slotted, so you can’t move them but it’s something.

Two particular notes to close off for now.  Archeology was/is/will be a pastime tradeskill.  Every other tradeskill interacts with some other feature (fishing is actually a big deal again) but not this one.  There’s some pretty cool lore and you get some items for the garrison.  What’s a little bugger is the way the zones work.  As an Alliance, I had 3 digsites in Frostfire – which is a massive pain to get to the first time and there’s only 1 flight point for the entire zone.  Eh.  Nagrand has digsites in the level 100 zones, where enemies have about a million hit points and you dig under them.  Since archeology dig sites are manually placed (I mean literally, someone picked the exact spots) there was obviously some logic applied here.  Why a flavor skill would put you in a heavy combat zone is beyond me.  As a monk, I send my cat to distract the enemies while I dig, then run away like a coward.  Works great.

The second part is a note on the music.  I typically play games with the music and sound are near equal levels.  Sound is a cue for action and there’s a certain rhythm to it.  WoD is a bit different in that the music has been updated but none of the sound has.  The speeches given by characters are still at near full level but the sounds – mounting, combat, clicking – are all disabled, while the music is full blast.  And there’s different music all over the place, 4-5 tracks per zone at least.  The garrison has one for the keep alone.  I am incredibly impressed.

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