ESO – Update level 16

Coming from a gamer who typically hits max level in week 2 of a launch, my progress vertically has been stunted. That’s a good thing.

Rohan, back after hiatus, has a similar outlook on the game as I do. It’s an interesting game that’s hard to classify. Not exceptional but curious, which may be enough. It’s enough for TSW right?

Anyways, my goal in ESO right now is map completion. The compass indicated black/hollow icons if I get close enough and I can’t stand it. Caves/tombs have skyshards, quests and rare enemies that aren’t on the map. I could care less about my level, my skill points or my gear. I want that icon to change color.

Perspective now. Almost all themeparks are about the big ride at the end. You take kiddie rides, stand in line and see the window dressing but you have a goal and it’s a finish line. That goal does not exist here. ZOS has pretty much flat out said there is none of that.

Without an end game, people have a single choice at max level – PvP. SWTOR was identical but the content GETTING to max level was pretty bad.

I put my name reservation alts to the side for now. A future test will be to play a quest+skyshard leveling path with one of those alts. From what I see on the interweb, they are going through it about 5x faster than me. Anyone who is max level today has likely missed the point of the game.

2 thoughts on “ESO – Update level 16

  1. there’s actually a way to get to max level in about 48hours… involves grinding every single large mob point in each zone. I seriously wonder why those people even play games


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