E3 – Day 1

I know E3 lasts a few days but really, after today, what’s left?

Microsoft started the day off with a good presentation.  Here’s a list of the XBONE games coming out.  $499 is more than I am willing to pay but hey, for all it does I think that’s a good deal.

EA and Ubisoft both had presentations.  Basically Sports/Battlefied vs Assassin’s Creed/Rayman.  Yay?  Star Wars Battlefront does sound interesting though.

Sony had a pretty damn good presentation.  Backwards compatibility (sort of), decent amount of games, $399 too.  Oh, and you can share games and in 3 years when you want to play an old game (like I played FF10 a few weeks back) you’ll be able to, without the crazy DRM XBONE has.


I’m not pointing at a winner or loser here.  That will happen a year after launch of these consoles.  Considering that E3 is meant to showcase games for gamers though… I think there’s a clear advantage to Sony now.  Do I think that Microsoft will go back on their earlier points of online requirements, Kinect and all that crud?  Not really, as it would require a rather LARGE change to their architecture.

I think the first day of E3 was like a cannon shot across the bow of gaming from two massive companies.  The next few months leading up to the holidays are going to be quite interesting.

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