Progress, Perhaps

So here’s a picture of my monk giving this Hozen a massage.  A 100 fist massage.WoW Monk Fists

Last night the little one decided to drink for about 4 hours.  Due to that, I got to play on a raft for a bit and punch some monkeys around.  If it wasn’t monkey, it was sharks.  Or cats.  Lots of cats.

Previous expansions, there was a reason for  being a mass murderer.  Sure, you attacked boars and bears and beasts but for the most part, it was humanoids.  And they were out to kill you.  In Panda land, I find myself more often than not, killing mass patches of wildlife, just to collect a pile of feathers for some monk’s collection.  The sheer amount of birds I’ve killed is staggering.  I lasso them, I take their eggs, I take their feathers, I take their flesh.  What’s with this bird slaughter?

A bit like the previous post, Hemet and pandas have something in common it seems.  A hatred of anything that moves and can’t talk.

That being said, I did see a couple quests against the Sha.  HP Lovecraft slimeballs of hatred.  But 5 quests in the 60 (or more) per zone is more like a side quest.  I spent more time collecting items to build a raft, go out to see, kill sharks and hunt treasure than I did fighting a guy 30 feet tall made of slime.

So I’m done with the Jade Forest and Karasang Wilds.  I’m back in Four Winds to finish the story, with only a couple steps into level 88.  I did 2.5 zones (or so) in 3 levels, with 4 zones to go.  Wonder what will happen at 90.

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