Punch Out

The little one decided to sleep all night, so I got some time in tonight.  I finally had the chance to finish up all the quests in Four Valleys, which was quite an adventure.
WoW Insect ColossusChen Stormstout and I ended up in the Brewery taking on some neat mini bosses.  One I needed to knock barrels over his head to slow him down, another I needed to AE the entire zone to get started and the final one I had to periodically run over bubbles to drop the boss’ shield.  I rather enjoyed that portion as you had to pay attention and I was finally NOT OUTSIDE.

The final quest is related to the picture above.  Once you finish all the quests in both Karasang and Four Winds, you end up on the west side of the zone, fighting a massive insect invasion.  That big blue guy, a colossus appropriately, knocks down the wall and insects plow over.  These guys hit like trucks, I died on the first multi-pull, so I had to change strategies.  You end up with a group of guys you’ve been talking to since you landed on the island and take down some more mini bosses before finally heading for the big guy.

Well before this though, you have a sub quest to practice your martial arts – namely chopping blocks with your fists.  It’s a fun quest with an interesting mechanic.  Once you get to this big guy, like 50 quests later, you get shot into his stomach.  Inside, you use this same block chopping mini-game to kill him from the inside.  Which I must admit is cool in notion (a bit less in practice, since you know, inside the stomach and all).

I was quite pleased with the end of this zone quest.  There were a lot of ups and downs along the way but as a story arc, I’ll remember it for a while.

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