Diablo 3 – We Dun Goofed

1.04 Preview #1 is up.

Of note:

  • magic find is no longer averaged in multiplayer (this will cause griefing – needs a vote kick button)
  • monster hit points are being dropped in multiplayer
  • no more enrage timers, or heal to full on elite/champ packs
  • inferno regular mobs getting 5-10% more hitpoints (no biggie), champ/elite/rare dropping hp by 15-25% (big difference)
  • also, regular enemies are getting 4x more loot (most people skip them completely)
  • some affixes are being tweaked to be easier (fire chains and shielding noted)
  • Invulnerable minions are being removed (holy cow)
  • Increasing 2hander DPS
  • Reducing repair costs by 25% (currently ~50K for 100% repair)
  • 61/62 weapon dps is being increased to close to 63 weapons

Now, there are more blog posts coming and there’s no date on the patch.

Now, there are 3 ways to read this.  First, if you’ve never played Diablo 3, then this means nothing and is gibberish.  If you played but never bothered with Inferno, you’ll wonder what the fuss is about.  If you played Inferno past Act 1, then every single item in that list is a “Oh my god, why didn’t you do this earlier” type of statement.

Listen, Blizzard makes money off this game the more people play.  If only the “hardcore” can play, they make money for 1 month and then the game dies.  If the “casuals” can play, they make money for years.  Every single one of the changes helps the average player.  Every single one of those changes has been asked for since the first person set foot in Inferno too.

On a final, sarcastic gamer note, these patch notes read like beta patch notes.  This isn’t patch 1.04.  This is patch 1.1, as nearly every single aspect of the game mechanics is going to be changed.

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