What Side of the Fence Are You On?

This from the epic “content consumption thread” for WoW.

i dont want LFR on the same lockout. i want it removed. if players dont put in enough time and effort, they dont deserve to be rewarded with content.
What benefit would that bring to the game?

How do you explain to John Doe that he shouldn’t even think about raiding in World of Warcraft because you feel that anyone that can’t devote *this* much time to raiding just should not be allowed in? Furthermore, why would John Doe, the person that can’t devote *this* much time to raid but would like to, have any interest in venturing into Azeroth?

Do you feel it’s just alright to tell someone “sorry bud, you’re interested on this game, but you don’t have the time, go play something more fitting to you, like Solitaire”?

If you don’t see anything wrong with that, then it’s going to be difficult to have any kind of discussion in that topic. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)


I think this is the breaking point of the conversation.  If you side with the poster, clearly WoW is no longer your game (as it was in BC).  Find another game with a huge artificial wall for progress, a game where the developers make content for a minority of players and have next to no return on it.

If you side with Blizzard, you agree with the “casualization” of content, where everyone and their dog should be able to play everything and get everything that the hardcore can get, time willing.

I think with MoP, we’ll see the end of hardcore raiding and gaming for the masses.  The space where there is a clear and definite divide between the haves and have-nots.  There are certainly some niche games around that let you do that but the flagship MMO that the world refers to has decided it’s had enough.  Cataclysm has caused a 25% subscription drop and that was primarily due to listening to the hardcore crowd.  Perhaps it was that the casuals now have more options (sort of how WoW took people from UO and EQ?) but Blizzard isn’t giving up.

MoP will define the way forward for Blizzard and WoW.  Either they maintain their user base or the game simply continues its downward trend towards F2P.

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