Back, What Happened?

Update: Giant patch notes

So I leave for a week and Diablo 3 decides to start building a new game.  Every class is getting huge boosts to power (only 1 nerf that I saw).  The entire class posts read as if they took the loudest complaining player and asked them what they wanted.

Auction house changes are coming too.  Big changes to how it will display items and allow searches.b  6 stats to search for means people will be able to find gloves again.  The entire system turned into a pile of cement at max level with the current UI.  Maybe Blizz can make some RMAH cash from this fix.

Paragon Levels are coming.  Once you hit 60, you can gain more horizontal levels.  They give minor stat boosts but also 3%mf/gf per level, to a cap of 300%.  MF is also going to be capped at 300% so that at level 100 paragon, you won’t need a single MF piece of gear.

I’m pretty sure I alluded to a system like this in the past, if not on the post then in social circles.  Many bloggers and players have asked for the same as well (Kripparian in particular).  The system can be used as a framework for future innovation.

To top if all off, the entire massive patch comes in a week – on GW2 launch day no less.  These aren’t small changes, massive balance changes.   Essentially a massive nerf to Inferno, allowing pretty much anyone to kill Diablo with only few hurdles.

So to sum up, Diablo 3 is not even 6 months old and there will be a larger update to the system than WoW (which is sub-based) has had in a year.

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