E3 – Change or Refinement?

E3 is upon us and if you have cable, then you can check out Spike TV for some decent coverage.  I had the chance to watch a bit of it yesterday and read about the rest that’s gone on so far.


Again with the gimmicks.  Sure, there was Halo 4 and yet another Call of Duty but no one who likes video games wanted to see those.  It’s like asking for more corn flakes.  The South Park game sorta looked cool.

The odd part was even more integration with Kinect and the launch of Smart Glass – allowing a link between your mobile devices and the new Internet Explorer web browser on the 360. So on one hand, you have more hands-free control and the other, you have more hands-on control.  What?


Some cool games that I had seen before.  Beyond looks like Heavy Rain, Last of Us is like Uncharted but in the apocalypse.  Assassin’s Creed 3 is coming out, which is a mixed blessing.  I thought every game after #2 was crap and milking the franchise but this game promises to close the story loop that started 7 years ago.  Sort of like my early anticipation for Mass Effect 3, which took a massive dump on the story instead.  Overall though, this presentation was more about games in the new IP universe.  Better but not great.

Electronic Arts

Another Madden with more realistic physics.  For me, sports games have reached such a complex level that I don’t even bother.  A new Sim City – which sounds cool.  Battlefield 3, which is a great sales pitch for every game under 20. SWTOR up next.  They are essentially going to launch an expansion pack as a normal content update – new level cap, more dungeons, zones and whatnot.  Well, other than the new level cap, I would call it a content patch which is confusing.  Interestingly, there is zero positive buzz about this.  I think it’s cool.

New FIFA, new UFC, new Need For Speed, new Crysis.  All sequels.  /sigh


Everything was an underwhelming sequel, except for Watch Dogs.  Sort of a cross between the openess of GTA and the story aspect of Heavy Rain.  Sounds interesting.

So far

If you’re showing a game that has a number next to it, I don’t want to see it.  1 day in and not much to report.

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