Diablo 3 – Patch 1.03 – In which Blizzard caved

Blizz put up a new blog about the massive patch 1.03, which essentially says “we messed up” and is putting in a whole pile of quality of life changes.  Of note:

  • All items can not drop from Act 1 Inferno, rather than only the best in Act 3/4.  Actually, drops rates in general have been improved.
  • Nephalem Valor is being tweaked to provide a better benefit on rare packs with 5 stacks than against bosses.  Currently, people get 5 stacks, kill a boss and repeat.  Blizz wants people to keep playing with the 5 stacks.  We’ll see…
  • Monster damage is no longer going to increase in multiplayer games.  Honestly, there is zero incentive to play in a group game currently.  Your magic find drops, health pools go up, damage goes up and there aren’t more loot drops.  In 99% of cases, it’s better to go alone and use /tells to swap gear.
  • Nerfs to damage and health of Inferno Act 2,3 & 4 monsters.  Where the rest of the game has a rather linear difficulty curve, Inferno has walls.  I can solo Act 1 pretty easily but get my butt handed to me on Act 2.  I get hit for over 60K a hit and it’s impossible for me to mitigate that damage as a Wizard (already 40% armor and 40% resists).
  • Repair costs are going up 4-6x.  Right now, it costs me about 5K if I’m at 100% broken, which is frequent on super bad packs.  20-30K per repair bill is huge.  I don’t expect this to go through.
  • Changes to Increased Attack Speed, which is currently a god stat.  This is a problem that existed in WoW, not sure how they didn’t see this coming a mile away.
  • Massive changes to prices for crafting tier 2-8 gems.  Which has absolutely no impact at all on anyone in Hell or above.  Odd change.

So as you can see, it’s mostly quality of life changes.  As the game stands, your best bet is to play the AH game, by which you can find super deals, resell them and make about 2 million an hour.  You can then buy your way into Inferno for about 2 million total and have 95% of the best gear available.

For example, I sold a mediocre necklace for 500K the other day and I bought it for 20K.  Because the AH interface shows the highest armor values first, it also tends to show the most expensive items as well.  Meaning anything at the bottom of the 50+page list is dirt cheap and with some massaging can turn a huge profit.  Heck, I bought a weapon for 50k and sold it for 2 million.  Money is a complete joke.

The downside to all this is once the RMAH launches (another month at least), inflation will be so high that gold sales will be the best option.  Meaning you could farm the gold auction house to make gold that you would then sell on the real money version.  Can you say MASSIVE BOTTING?

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