Trion is Leading the Pack

Rift is slightly over a year old now and they’ve had 8 content patches so far.  8.  WoW has had 3 in 1.5 years.  TOR has had 2 in 6 months.  How is it that these other games keep players?  Where is your 15$ going?

A new expansion was announced recently, Storm Legion, due out in the fall.  So what are they adding?

  • triple the landmass
  • a more integrated story
  • more instant adventures
  • a new dual faction capital city
  • 4 new souls, 1 per class
  • 10 more levels (cap of 60)
  • 2 raids
  • 1 chronicle (solo dungeon)
  • zone events (rifts, invasions)
  • colossus battles
  • capes!
  • player housing!!
  • more flavor (pets, achievements, artifacts, mounts, costumes, etc…)

Holy crapola, that’s one heck of a laundry list of content and new features.  Rift is already more feature rich  than WoW, it launched with more than TOR and is raising the bar to an absurd height with even more player customization options.  I have personally played Rift more in the past year than any other game, it is simply one of the most solid MMO experiences I have ever encountered.

I am extremely excited to see what Trion will continue to bring to the table while at the same time looking back at Blizzard and BioWare wondering “what is wrong with you people?”.


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