Elder Scrolls Online

Similar to Syp, I too have one heck of a time figuring out what to make of the Elder Scrolls Online.  It seems like everything that made the games great, they are trying to avoid like the plague.

So what makes an ES game?

  • Dynamic content
  • Skill-based progress
  • Fantasy setting
  • Hero of the world
  • Multiple paths of progress (main story, guilds, etc..)
  • Massive enemies from the start
  • An end that is a new beginning
  • Actions are linked across the world
  • World areas stay the same based on your actions
  • Housing

Essentially, it’s a snow-globe hero adventure, where every action you take can have repercussions down the line.  It is the pretty much the exact definition I would give to a sandbox game.  TESO however is aiming for the themepark variety, where the world is static, it’s level based, item based, PvP centric and divided into single player and multiplayer like a giant fence you need to climb.

How does anyone who has worked on any ES game before this think it’s a good idea?  How does anyone think we need another fantasy themepark MMO after stumbling of Rift and TOR.  Especially another split between single and multiplayer that is the single point of failure in that game.

It almost makes you feel like they took everything that was core to the ES series, pulled it out, found the worst stuff about MMOs and put it in.  And really, the more the devs talk about the game, the more you go “wut?”  Public dungeons?  Was that not clearly enough of a failure every time it’s been tried?

I am here crossing my fingers that this game gets cancelled soon.  As much as I would love an ES MMO, there is no way I would ever pay to play this game.

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