The Death of the PC

Remember when people said the PC was dead?  Wasn’t too long ago that most people were console die-hards and the PC market was having a heck of a time getting anything to work properly.  Here we are in 2012 and I would venture to say that the PC market is healthier than the console market.

How does something go from the edge of death to market leader?  Quite a few reasons.

  • Steam (or others) allow me access to any game without going to a store or inserting a disk
  • I use the same device for email/web as I do to game
  • Consoles cost nearly as much as a laptop nowdays
  • I can bring my laptop anywhere to game, can’t bring my console without a TV to connect to
  • PC games are cheaper and offer more personal customization (UI, controllers, etc..)
  • I can game while someone watches TV, in the same room
  • Way more content available for the PC than the consoles
  • The tablet market has pushed Flash/Mini-apps to mid/high quality
  • I can connect my PC to my entertainment system if I want, for the same/better experience
  • Miles more innovation in the PC market

There are 2 things going for consoles at the moment – compatibility and exclusives.  PCs are different in configuration so you can have conflicts.  This has improved drastically in the past few years with abstraction and better resource management.  It’s no longer a common problem as it once was.  Some consoles have exclusive games. The Wii games simply won’t work on the PC (naturally) but games like Uncharted are never going to be found elsewhere than the PS3.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that consoles are nearly dead but they have some core issues that need to be addressed.  Content distribution is number one.  Games must be streamed on the next versions of consoles – it’s not a choice.  Second, the ability for companies to make quality games must improve – by removing licensing restrictions and improving indie relations.  Third, consoles must offer all the advantages of a web-enabled PC.  Integrated web browsing, on-device recording for uploading, integrated voice chat, friends lists, wireless devices, a better dashboard.

The console war is done.  Microsoft and Sony have lost billions fighting a war between themselves while the PC and Wii picked up the scraps and made billions.  It’s time for everyone to wake up and realize that a common platform is key to victory and that CONTENT is where the real gold pile is found.

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