Diablo 3 Release Date

So Diablo 3 finally has a release date, May 15th.  In exactly 2 months we get to experience Blizzard’s re-take of the dungeon crawler.  For those keeping track, it’s been 12 years (!!!) since Diablo 2 and in that time we’ve had 3 Dungeon Sieges.  Thousands of clones and re-takes with probably Torchlight being the best single player version, mechanically and I would say Sacred as the best multiplayer game thematically.

Price is 60$ US (or what, 45$ Canadian by that point?) but if you sign up for a year of WoW you get D3 for free and a guaranteed entry to the Mists of Pandaria expansion.  That’ll set you back about 120$, so you’re basically paying for 5 months of WoW, D3 and getting a free beta – which I’ve gotten into every single time anyhow.  The kicker is that MoP is coming out in less than a year – which you will have to buy – and are you going to play 6 months of that?  I don’t think I hit 2 months of Cataclysm.  Not really a deal for me.

The game looks good, the tweaked mechanics are better and Blizzard’s goal seems to be simpler this time around.  There are still some odd decisions and we live in a completely different world than 12 years ago.  At the time D2 was an MMO .  Now we have competition all over the place.  Time will tell if a loot pinata game will have longevity.

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