I Like Games!

No secret here, I love games.  Let’s knock off a few…

Rebuild – A browser flash game where you have to rebuild a city in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.  The first time I played I got trounced so I then went to easy mode and tried a few things.  Now with a good strategy, you can get through hard mode without too much trouble, you just need to balance everything and always, always make sure your base is defended at the end of every turn.

Rift – Sort of like World of Warcraft and Warhammer Online.  Fantasy setting, great visuals, dynamic content (rifts appear in the sky randomly and attack the world).  The Soul system allows near infinite customization of play style.  Great buzz about the game too.  I bought it to play the beta and I’m writing a few guides for it.  Might not be the next WoW but I think there’s room for it.

DC Universe Online – DC Comics online, so a superhero MMO.  It’s available on the PS3 too, so it plays more like a multiplayer twitch game than a huge MMORPG.  Actually, I bought it and have been trying to upgrade to Windows 7 at the same time, so all I’ve seen is the loading screen and youtube videos.  Good press here too as it appears to be a step up from City of Heroes and the crud that is Champions Online.

Plants vs Zombies – A tower defense type of game where you plant, uh, plants in order to stop zombies from eating your brains.  Made by PopCap, the makers of eternal crack Bejeweled.  Of all the devs in the entire world, these people know how to make fun.  Wife is addicted.

World of Warcraft – I got my Rogue to 85 rather quickly then with 40 minute queues to play in groups, I leveled my Shaman to 85 as well.  I modified my gold making methods to pull in about 10,000 gold per day (average coin drop from a kill is like 1-2g for perspective) and I’m realizing it’s more of the same but with a larger amount of crappy players.  When the expansion launched, it added a new layer of difficulty to group play where you couldn’t just smash any old button, you needed to pay attention.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see that 25% of the group playing population is not accustomed to that and you get times where it feels like you’re playing with chimps.  I also realize I don’t have hour blocks to play with a daughter to take care of, so my play is very sporadic.  I find I don’t mind that one bit.