A month just like that

Been a while since I last updated.  First, since the last update I’ve been at home on parental leave with my daughter.  That is piles of fun and I wouldn’t swap it for the world.  I feel sorry for people who don’t get the opportunity.

Game-wise a few things.

DCUO – 31 days after it launched the game emptied.  The first patch did hit yesterday though, with a fair amount of new content.  Is the game sound?  Close enough.  There are still some pretty nasty bugs, horrible grouping tools outside of being in a guild and a lack of general things to do at level 30, which takes a week to get to, tops.  I’ll check back in 5-6 months but I expect server consolidation by that point and maybe some sort of store added.

Rift – Lord.  I wrote 3 guides for this game and it’s not even out yet.  It does what Warcraft and Warhammer want to do but without the baggage of years of crap.  Warhammer failed (there are only 4 servers left I think) because it ignored PvE.  WoW is failing because it removed the community aspect of the game and took a left turn on the last expansion to correct the errors of the previous.  Rift gives people a fresh take on PvP, PvE, dynamic content and choice.  Time will tell how well people want it.  The only real competition is SWTOR and I am having a lot of trouble seeing that game be a success the more I hear of it.

Dragon Age 2 – The demo came in yesterday.  It looks amazing.  It plays amazing.  So many things have been improved.  Bioware makes great games because of the story and I doubt I will be disapointed here.  Now I just need to find the time to play it!

Finally, house renos.  We’re starting this weekend and the entire main floor is being redone.  That’s quite the task but it will be fun!