New Toys

Christmas time means cheap electronics.  It’s actually the only time I buy electronics since the discounts are so big and I can “suffer” through the old stuff for quite a while.

My current 5.1 all in one sound system is lacking any HDMI and doesn’t upscale.  This meant I needed to use component cables for everything and with a lack of inputs, I needed a switch.  After 6 years, it’s time to upgrade.  Pioneer – VSX 1020k 3D ready, 7 channels, 6 HDMI inputs, upscales to 1080p, Ipod connector, multi room capable as well.  Basically all the bells and whistles I need for quite some time.  Given that all my gear now works with HDMI, I need a better projector too!

Well actually, I just need a projector.  The Blue Hue isn’t getting bigger but it is getting stronger.  Given that it’s near impossible to find any projector with component, I needed one with HDMI.  Since I have blue ray, I figured might as well go 1080p/3D ready as well.  Here comes the Epson 3850.  Optical zoom, better contrast, great luminosity and most importantly, a larger throwing area.  It was the cheapest 1080p I could find that would throw 118″ over a 15 foot gap.

The receiver should be here in a few days, which will have me rewire quite a few things.  Projector next week and that will be that.  Oh, I need a new HDMI cable too.  Found a 16 footer for 10$.  More expensive than I’d like but eh.  People who spend anything above 20$ for digital cables are getting ripped off.  Monster makes amazing speaker cables but they make digital cables with a 1000% markup.