Comfy Questions

While I’m sure I’ve done this a few times over the years, here’s another pass on oversharing.


  • How do I drink my tea?

I am not a mixer.  I drink my tea black.

  • Favorite dessert?

Lemon meringue pie.  It’s such a pain to make that it’s all that more enjoyable.

  • Favorite season?

Summer.  I love to fish, and I can still play some hockey.  Plus the wife and kids are off during the summer, so I get to see more of them.

  • What cheers me up?

Laughing and seeing someone succeed at a difficult task.

  • Dogs or cats?

I’ve had both, and neither.  They are not made for urban living, being locked in a house for 8-10 hours a day.

  • Dream Holiday?

Perhaps this is a European term, since holidays in NA are already set in the calendar (e.g. new year’s).  I’ll assume this is vacation.  There’s a long list of trips I’d like to take, though the Louvre, and the highlands in Scotland are at the top.  Visiting the rockies, and maritimes in Canada is also on the list.  Most of the time though, just a trip to the cottage for a week… that is extremely pleasant.

  • How many kids do I want?

I have 2.  Having more is a logistical challenge.  Maybe adoption later on, or providing foster care.

  • Favorite weather?

Don’t really have any.  I like snow for outdoor hockey, rain for peaceful time, sun for fishing/swiming, and clear skies for a starlit campfire.  I dislike extremes but I enjoy all types of weather.

  • Last meal?

I like all types of food… this is like asking to pick your favorite child.  No idea.

  • Where would ideal 24 hours be spent?

At the cottage, with friends and family.  I’ve done it numerous times over the past few years.  Worth it every time.

  • Where would I haunt as a ghost?


  • What is my family ancestry?

I have a phone book’s worth of family history from my father’s side at home – mostly from France.  Mother’s side is Irish and German.  I can trace back my family’s landing to the 1600s in Canada.

  • What scares you?

People’s capacity for willful ignorance.

  • Most grateful for?

Most everything I have. I come from a somewhat poor upbringing with social assistance.  I’ve had to work extremely hard for what I have, and realize I wouldn’t have been able to get any of it without that original assistance.

  • Dream job?

Pastry chef, specifically pies.  2nd best, is the job I have currently.

  • Believe in aliens?

Anyone who thinks that humanity is the only life in the universe is delusional.  There are 10x more stars in our universe than all the grains of sand on Earth.  Do I believe that little green men abduct people?  No.  If someone could travel space/time, you really think that they’d be caught on a camera?

  • Favorite sport?

Hockey. I’ve played pretty much all sports in the america’s at some point.

  • How do you relax?

Games, reading, fishing.  Time alone is also quite useful.

  • Which historical person who you like to meet?

Isaac Newton and Alexander the Great share that top spot.

  • What would you teach?

I would not be a teacher in a school in Canada, and less so in the US.  Teachers are the most important asset a country has to build their future.  Both society and the teacher’s unions have lost that perspective.  I could talk for a year about this topic, as it’s probably the one I’m the most passionate about.

I’ll volunteer as a sports coach instead.

  • Perfect day?

Same as the previous version of this.  At the cottage with friends and family.

  • Who I am, in one sentence?

A pragmatic agent of change, who wants to ensure that my kids have a better inherited world than I did.

  • What makes me laugh?

Dark humor.  I much prefer British comedies than those in north america.  Black Adder / Red Dwarf stuff.

  • What superpower would you choose?

Super intelligence, no question.  One of the few super powers where you can actually help other people without physically being present.

  • Favorite animal?

Fish I guess.  I eat animals.

  • Biggest accomplishment?

Great wife and 2 super kids.  I work to live, not the other way around.  It just so happens that I really enjoy my work.

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