Warbringers – Azshara

New video.  It’s certainly a different take and quite well done.

A few takes:

  • The only other night elf with golden eyes that I’ve been aware of is Illidan
  • She has exceedingly negative personality traits – with narcissism at the top, and clearly a psychopath (complete lack of empathy)
  • In the War of the Ancients storyline (3 books) she struck a deal with Sargeras to bring the Burning Legion to Azeroth
  • During said storyline, she killed a lot of her own people.  She was not exactly popular, but she was nearly all-powerful
  • Cue the Sundering which caused massive floods on Kalimdor, which is pretty much where this cinematic begins
  • Unless Blizzard is adding a new set of bad guys, that’s clearly N’Zoth.
    • If you’ve played the eastern side of Stormvalley, or the northwest part of Tiragarde…hello.


I was kinda thinking they’d wait a bit longer to you know, old-gods the whole thing.  Not sure how this ties into the current storyline… should be something to watch develop.

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