Tiragarde Sound

I closed off Tiragarde Sound now and have a few thoughts on this zone.  The most important thing that impacts this thinking is that I was 120 1/3rd of the way through, so everything past that point was entirely optional.  Gear was useless, though the rep gain was quite nice, and it’s a pre-req for Pathfinder part 1.  Plus, I wanted to see the whole story.

There are two big differences in Tiragarde compared to the other alliance zones – travel can be done by boat and its’ really 2 different zones in one.  The boat thing to kick off.  You still have flight travel, but the boat is an option.  I find it neater to look at and thematically sound, but seems to be a fair bit slower than actually flying there.  And at 120 with the Flight Whistle, you’re likely never to use them again.  Shame really.

The zone split is important, in that Boralus splits the zone in a 70/30 weight.  70% is is the lower half and relates almost entirely to pirates & shipwrecks.  Super theme, a lot of fun, but not a whole lot of variety.  Freehold is exciting, and the siege break on the gates is great to drive the story forward.  Honestly, after that siege portion completed, I expected the zone to be done…but then there’s the 30% up north.  Which is about a hunting camp, kobolds, and mind-controlled pirates.  It goes on for way too long and doesn’t map with the rest of the zone.  The last bit in the NW has you fight underwater, and has a horrible escort quest (Penny).  It just feels significantly weaker than the rest of the zone.  You do end up shooting a canon at a giant squid.  So there’s that.

In terms of the alliance zones, they each have their own highs and lows.  The highs in Tiragarde are higher than the others, but the lows are much lower.  So depending on what part you hit, your satisfaction will change.  Do the north first, and then things will be fun near the end.

In terms of all-around fun, I enjoyed Stormsong Valley the most, then Tiragarde, then Drustvar.   They are all as good or better than the Legion zones, which is great.

Next steps is to complete the Horde zones for the War Campaign.

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