Even Stranger Music

Ever since my early programming days, I’ve had music playing to help focus my mind.  I often used classical music, but things have waxed and waned over the years.  I still often have earbuds at work.

I’m a fan of Blade Runner.  I often request Final Countdown (Europe) at weddings.  I clearly have a strong reaction to synth music, preferably without any vocals.  The music birthed in the 80s just seems to click.

Both seasons of Stranger Things really hit that cord for me, and I suspect others.  Even the title sequence has a solid track aligned with it.  Enough to recognize it anywhere.

This isn’t to say the rest of the soundtrack isn’t good, but it’s less ambiance building, and more event driven (like the music at the Snow Ball dance).  Playing the Police – Every Breath You take – has a specific meaning to the lyrics and theme, while the instrumental pieces are more for emotions.

Example.  Hans Zimmer.  If you’re a gamer and have watched game recaps on say YouTube, there are very strong odds that you’ve heard his music.  He isn’t pure synth, but there’s a very strong push for it in nearly all of his music.

Enter Spotify.

That is a rat’s nest of lost time and adventures.  I’m sure I’ve lost months of time to Wikipedia – and Spotify is moving on up.  I search for a soundtrack, find something like Blade Runner 2049, or Interstellar… then it suggests similar artists.  Pertubator.  Wave Shaper.  Lazerhawk. Dynatron.  Dozens upon dozens.  Some are good, some are bad, some are great.

I’m going down the rabbit hole.  Don’t bother checking on me.

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