Transformers: The Games

I like the cartoons, I dislike the movies.  Dislike may not be the correct word.  All the movies are identical in plot.  Humans stumble upon Transformers.  They are after some “ultimate” mcguffin that will save the world, Optimus will die, Megatron will be defeated, there’ll be some lady in skimpy clothes.  Done.

Most transformers games were garbage.  Hard to figure out why, given that it’s just robots on robots… and we’ve had plenty of those games.  The movies put in more energy to the games though, and 2+1 of them stood out.

War for Cybertron/Fall of Cybertron are 3rd person shooters on, yes, Cybertron.  Everything is technology, everyone can swap into some sort of vehicle, you can play both sides, the plot is as nonsensical as the cartoons, the set pieces are immense, and they are a complete blast to play through.  The first one has decent coop, the second one has tighter controls.  Plus, there’s something to be said about fighting against/as giant city robots.

They are maybe 8 hours a piece.  Not a terrible challenge, as there’s some auto-aim involved, headshots don’t seem to matter, and generally large hit boxes.  Good diversion games.

Transformer: Devastation is a different beast.  Here’s a vid from Total Biscuit on it, which covers a fair chunk.

The combat is high paced, but can get repetitive.  The zones also repeat themselves a bit.  The story is solid, the mechanics all seem to work.  It may be a bit short (about 5 hours without digging too much), but the fun factor is through the rough.  It feels a whole lot like the cartoon on the screen.

Overall, I consider it a better game than the previous two as it feels much harder to take a break.  At about $20 or less, it’s a great bargain.


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