Game Sales

I’m not cheap, I just like to compare.  Cheap is when you buy a tool for $25, knowing it will break after the job, when you could get a tool for $100 that will last forever.  Comparing is when you know what you want and try to find a better deal for it.  There’s always a deal somewhere, and there’s always the “big store” where anything can be found.

For PC games, that’s usually Steam.  Sure, they have their regular sales, and then the summer/winter bargain bins.  The rest of the time, they have games at a fair bit more than their competitors.

With XCOM2 done, I’m looking for something to spend the time until Destiny 2.  I recently finished up my 6 month playthrough of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, and have a bit of time in Transformers: Devastation. Much different games, and I’ll talk about that in another post.

Right now, the 2 games that seem the most promising are Divinity 2 and Shadow of War.  Everyone seems to be raving about the former (and the 1st game was very good), and the latter has pre-reviews everywhere that are generally positive.  Up in igloo-land, prices aren’t too bad.  $54 for D2 and $80 for SoW on Steam.  Most A+ games are $70+.

I rarely pay $70+ for any game, unless it’s a dev I really want to support.  I can tell you that EA is not one of those devs.  Lo and behold, I check my promotions folder in gmail and found a GMG entry for SoW.  Super pre-order sale, plus more savings with a code.  It brought the price down to $38US, or more like $47 in icebucks.

Not exactly half-price but certainly a massive savings.  The downside here is that I have to wait until Tuesday to sink my teeth into it.  The upside is that it’s a long weekend here, celebrating the birth of Jean Poutine, and the annual tuque dog-sled races will keep me busy until then.  Sorry.

2 thoughts on “Game Sales

  1. Ah, Monsieur Poutine. A true Canadian hero.
    If you need something to bide your time – no interest in F2P? Secret world Legends is on my radar and has a great story.

    (Thanks for the great white north chuckles throughout)


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