The other night when the family was asleep early, I went out and bought a Chromecast.  A regular one, that streams HQ video – not the audio one or the 4k one.  $45CDN later, and what amounted to 3 clicks and 10 minutes, I had a streaming service plugged into my TV.

I already have a Roku3 plugged in.  Works fine.  Netflix and that remote (with headset) are amazebang.  I have a few other apps on it as well.  I also have a NAS that runs a media server.  Very basic setup mind you.  I have a Raspberry Pi, though that’s set up as a Minecraft server rather than KODI.  I was really looking for something stupid proof.

And sweet molly, is the Chromecast stupid proof.  I can stream from iOS, Android and any PC with a Chrome browser.  My entire tablet is streamed with 2 clicks.  I can stream  a tab in Chrome and play WoW on the same PC, with no issues on sound (dedicated channel).  I can also stream the entire PC if I wanted to.  Again, 2 clicks.

So I watched the Habs beat the Islanders last night.  Sidebar, the NYI rink appears to be surfaced with sand and not up to NHL (or even adult league) standards.  Congrats on the move!  Find another rink before someone breaks an ankle.

Back on track.  This doohicky is giving me ideas as to sharing info with the kids on the TV.  I can use it for the hockey pool, easily share content from web sites, emails, cat GIFs, the good stuff.  My wife can likely use it at work for her presentations.

It’s more and more amazing the world that we live in.  I can still remember having to walk to the TV to change the channel on the brown/yellow picture.  It’s like living in a world of magic.


Rogue cleared ICC and the Argent Tourney raids without any real issue.  There were a couple bugs where I killed the boss too fast and their speeches went wonky.  Guess I can try for the Glory of the Icecrown Raider here.  Raiding with Leashes 3/4, I think I ended up with 3 pets after 6 raids.  Not exactly super progress, but some nonetheless.  I tried a bit more with Assassination, but nothing compared to the Outlaw shooting a gun, or Blade Fury killing 30 enemies at once.

7.1 added some nice quality of life changes too.  There’s a path now in Azshara to get to the faction vendor (instead of jumping on rocks), the quests for unlocking the class quests have been dropped to 3 hours each, and you only need 20 WQs instead of 30 to get the final relic.  Artifact research is still way too damn long to have any appreciable benefit to alts.  My rogue is halfway to 14 points, while my monk (rank 11), is over 25 points.  Might not seem like much, but my Monk has over 465,000 points invested while my Rogue has over 6,800 points.  68 times more points!

I would expect that this gets tweaked, as it’s impractical to bring an alt up to main speed in anything close to reasonable time.  In fact, I would argue that it’s safer just to level up to 110, and park the character until they reach rank 9-10 in AK before playing them again.

In good news, my DH has both alternate appearances for his artifact weapons (both on the same play session no less), and my Monk has yet to get any.  The BrW appearance is a daily “click on the keg” event, the MW is a raid-only drop (so once a week), and the WW is a once every 3 days (Withered Training) event.  The last one I think I missed a week’s worth of chances since the game launched – still no luck on the drop.  Still no horseman mount drop either.

Ah well, still fun to play both the Monk and DH.  That’s what really counts.

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