Da Rogue and 7.1

7.1 is out.  I need to run some mythics to give Kara a shot, which is a different attunement process than what I thought was due.  Something around a class hall quest is what I thought.  Oh well.  Seems Kara is tuned as a 5 man raid as well, so perhaps I’m going guild shopping…

And the bugs.  Lordy the bugs in 7.1.  There is little Blizz polish on this patch.  Heck, sheathing your weapon crashed the game for most of the day.  And class balance was more or less a % increase/decrease to classes, with no real mechanical changes.  You know a spec is bonkers when all its skill get a 15% flat increase in damage.

Making Gold

7.1 brought in the blood vendor.  Everyone was sitting on piles of Sargeras Blood as it was BoP and used only for crafting.  The vendor lets you swap the blood for a set of crafting materials, which flooded the market.  Starlight Rose went from 150g to 35g.  So what do to?  I bought about 1000 of them, because the market will eventually bounce back up to a higher number.  Let’s say it reaches 100g per.  That’s 60k profit.  Not too bad.

Felwort, for some really weird reason, has spiked in price.   It was running between 300-400 per.  I sold 70 of them for 500g (Mobile Armory is an awesome app).  Put that into perspective – on the ride to work, I sold enough Felwort to pay for a month of WoW.

I am not putting in any extra effort here.  My Felwort comes completely from the WQs (you get 5+1 per quest, and maybe some seeds).  Starlight Rose are picked up in the various Suramar WQs.  And my DH and Monk have herbalism, so there’s some overlap.

Anyhoot, herbalism alone has made me about 300k this expansion.  No flipping.  No crafting.  Just plain ol’ farming when I can see the mats near my quest objective.

Rogues in Legion

I’ve played a rogue since day 1, and as a main for vanilla, BC and LK.  Subtlety was for PvP (still the most suitable), Assassination was for regular PvE (even when bosses were immune to poison) and Combat was the ugly step child.  Pick Pocket and Lockpicking meant something during those days.  Member-berries!

Anyways, Legion rejigged all 3 specs, though Assassination the least.

Subtlety is a 3 button spec, where the best talents are all passives.  I personally think that’s pretty dumb, given that it was the most complex rotation for the longest period of time.  Good PvP players are found with a high skill ceiling, and Sub was the spec.  Not so much today.

Assassination is the poison/mutilate spec.  It is incredibly slow to play, with little variance.  You keep Garrote and Rupture up, then Evenom at -1 combo points.  Very bad AE, and no real ranged attacks.  It’s great for running old content, as you get 20% movement while stealthed, and Fan of Knives is more than enough to clear packs.  It is the slow and steady spec.

Outlaw (renamed from Combat) is the slot machine of WoW specs.  It is based entirely on a single finishing move – Roll the Bones -which literally rolls some die to determine your buffs.


The above diagram, while sarcastic, points to a core issue with the spec.  When you get that 6 buff roll, you are a living god.  The DPS spike is absolutely massive.  If however, you get a 60% roll and a cruddy buff, then you’re stuck fishing for a better buff.  And if you’re even more unlucky and don’t get any procs, you could be energy starved for a long time.  Doing little damage.

So yeah, the DPS works itself out to being even when you take all the % into account.  The spikes are mana from heaven, the lulls are nails on the chalkboard.  And it’s not like they can buff the % chance to get 3 or 6 roll, cause then everything shifts to OP.  And by buffing the base skills, it makes the 6 roll spike even more absurd.  Maybe they can baseline one of the buffs (TB, or SIW) into a finishing move, so that there’s less variance overall.  Right now, it feels like I’m in a casino when I’m playing Outlaw.

But I have a Grappling Hook, a pistol shot, and a parrot, which is nice.

2 thoughts on “Da Rogue and 7.1

  1. I was thinking just increasing the % chance to get a 2 buff – that would be the simplest option. Even at minimum, nerf the buffs a bit and guarantee a 2 buff.

    I enjoy the random elements but after the 6th 1 roll on a boss I feel like I am hurting my group.my druid is heavily in Mythics and damn, I barely have time to play the rogue. Sadly.

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    • My rogue is going to be relegated to the odd WQ and then Raiding with Leashes (3 & 4). I feel bad about it, but the reality is that it’s hard to find time to play a pure DPS (queues) and the Outlaw is poorly balanced fro group play.

      Fun to one-shot raid bosses though.


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