Bountiful Bounties

It was a good weekend.  It was a damn busy weekend.  Saturday was filled with guests for my daughter’s birthday, Sunday was for the stragglers and appointments.

I like to bake.  I have yet to successfully make any fondant for a cake, and I tried something new on Friday.  If you’ve ever made Rice Krispy squares, you know the melted marshmallow gunk step.  Well, my fondant turned into just that in my hands and I was displeased.  A quick run to the store got a box of it, pre-made, put some color in it and ended up with a pretty neat turtle-cake.  More time would have made a slightly different cake but I’m still quite happy.  And so was my daughter – which is the entire point of it all.

I have to say that both of my daughters were awesome this weekend.  It’s hard to have 20 people in your house for what seems forever, but they were really great.  And the birthday girl kept thanking folks for coming to her party.  Time sure does fly.

Weekend Buffs

This weekend was double bounty weekend in D3.  What with the previous portion of this post, I didn’t get much in.  But given that the bounties are the only way to get the crafting materials to re-roll legendary items, they were quite popular.

Interestingly, Blizz had to disable a few bounty quests due to bugs, some of which I didn’t realize were issues – in particular the Desserts quest in Act 1 spider-town.  In the few runs I had, things were pretty smooth.  Getting 4 caches per quest filled up my inventory something fierce, but who complains when it’s all legendaries?  Hah!

The weekend does highlight my previous point about the quality of the bounties, and the differences between acts.  Clearing level 2 of anything is a pain, and the act V versions of this are really quite painful.  You can really see the design differences in the act V zones compared to the rest of the game.  Ironically, these zones were designed when they knew bounties were going to be present, so it certainly begs the question as to what they were thinking when they got to that point of dev time.  Maybe the train had left the station by that point?

The zones themselves look pretty friggin’ cool, and the layouts have more options.  It’s that size part that’s the kicker in bounties… where you end up running one way for 2 minutes, only to realize you made a wrong turn at the start.

Ah well, now I have a lot of mats to gamble with.  Let’s see what them dice roll.

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